Fightback Networks Review & How I Use Their System

fightback network reviewHave you ever tried ranking your website in Google and had your ass punted into never never land?

If you ran a forum, a blog network, affiliate sites, or were an SEO and given the kick to the curb by Google you will be interested in this solution.

The Fightback Networks – Created by Michael Carlin

If you are looking for a blog network that you can use to build high quality links on then The Fightback Networks could be the solution you are looking for.

By using their system you can gain access to other quality blogs that are within your niches and also to other networks that range in pagerank from 1 – 5 that are general blogs. (Importance of Niche Relevance)

What is really does is put the power of building great back-links back into your hands!

With access to these other networks by simply joining and adding a few of your own blogs into the system you have the ability to leverage your own blog networks.

This system Michael created also allows any full member to create his or her own networks. You can define what criteria each blog must meet to be accepted into your own networks such as: Pagerank, Type of Niche and Quality of content etc. (Read about more of the features here)

If you want to join Michael’s FBN and make use of the networks already provided there are some rules involved.

Criteria for Site Acceptance For FBN Networks

Before your site is accepted it is checked that it meets the fightback network guidelines. Items such as:

  1. Quality of the Domain (If it was used for spamming previously)
  2. Is the site in another blog network other then FBN
  3. Site must be indexed in Google
  4. Authenticity of Pagerank
  5. Theme – (Can not be a default wp theme)
  6. IP – (Every site in a network must have its own unique ip)
  7. Has the site been submitted into another network on FBN
  8. Does the site contain any codes for Google
  9. Cookie stuffing and click-jacking

If a site fails any one of these they are rejected and if they fail the second item, the member could be banned from FBN permanently.

Join The Fightback Networks Here

Once your sites are accepted and you can start posting The Fightback Networks gives you total control.

  1. You can post articles that pass copyscape one at a time or you can upload in bulk as well. (Yes every article goes through a copyscape check and are also moderated for quality)
  2. You can insert links 3 times into an article. The only caveat being each link must go to a different domain if you are doing multiple links.
  3. Inserting images and youtube videos is also allowed
  4. The more blogs you add to the system the more daily posting points you can receive. (Each network inside FBN decides on the daily points amounts) Some are one point a day and others are more.
  5. There are different levels of Blog quality so depending on the level of risk you get to decide what networks you want to belong to.
  6. Creation of campaigns are possible as well, which allows you to set how often you want a post posted if you are doing bulk uploads. It is a great way to set it and forget it, knowing you have posts going out for a week, or a month makes time management much easier.

So if you want to put the power back into your hands and take your link building to another level, give The Fightback Networks A Try Now!

How I Use Their System

I join multiple networks ranging from the general networks to some private high pr ones as well. If there is a network for my niche I will also join it as well. This gives me lots of options and diversity.

Use the general networks to link to your tier 1 and above web 2.0’s, guest posts and article posts. You can also use these general networks to link to your niche blogs and your own blog networks to help them either maintain or raise their own page ranks.

I then use the private networks and the niche networks to build contextual links to my money site. I like to keep a separation between my money sites, niche sites and blog networks this is why I use different networks to build backlinks. This protects my sites and limits the possibility of any interlinking between sites. Therefore it limits any footprints as well

For content I am using Content Ferret and Spinnerchief 3 Ultimate (See my review and tutorial here). When Content Ferret cannot provide enough content I write my own articles and spin them manually using The Best Spinner (Watch and read my advanced article spinning tutorial here).

That is it…. My Fightback Networks Review and how I am building high quality links from relevant sites along with relevant content.

Join The Fightback Networks Here

Got any questions please use my contact form, comments section or add me on Google+
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  1. Hi Dwight,

    Got a question for you regarding signing up with FBN…. How many sites should somebody have to make this a worthwhile investment?


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    • Hey Aron,

      You know you can get started with one or two sites definitely. There are some general blog groups that range in PR from 1 – 4 and have around 100 – 150 blogs in them. So as an example lets say you have a PR 3 domain and add it to the PR 3 general group which has around 120 blogs, then you now have access to posting articles with your links in them to those 120 PR 3 blogs and you only own one domain. You can see by this example how it is easy to leverage a few sites by using The Fightback Networks.

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  2. Hi Dwight,

    I found your blog today and have enjoyed the few posts that I’ve read.

    I just thought that I would comment and mention that I worked on a client website one time that had received a manual action from Google for unnatural links pointing to their website. There were a handful of about 20-30 links that were coming from the FightBackNetwork and were identified by Google as unnatural.

    Have you received any penalties from links that came from the FightBackNetwork?

    I’d be curious to see if other users of this private blog network have seen Google Penalties.


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    • Hi Keller,

      I havent seen anyone complain of it yet in the forums, and I personally have not had any sites that use the network receive any penalties, so I can not say that it hasn’t happened. Maybe your clients bad links were because of another reason, were their links over optimized or something else? What was the percentage of different types of links?

      How did you know the links were from the fightback network, did your client tell you so? There is no other way to know if a site is in their networks or not.

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      • Thanks for the quick reply, Dwight.

        Now that you mention it I remember that the links did appear over optimized in some cases. We knew the sites were in the FBN because the client told us so, they were part of the network at one time.

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  3. Hi Dwight,

    Thank you for this post. I was just wondering how many networks in total currently exist in Fight Back? I am thinking of joining next week and It would be great if I could submit 10 of them

    I have about 15 dormant domains (some with PA > 40, most DA of 30+, and some with MozRank as high as 6.3). No spam and some are very old. I found them using the nohatseo method.

    The only issue is that almost all of them have page rank of 0, and one has a page rank of 1.

    Do you think that there would be a lot of PR0 networks in Fight Back that would accept these domains into their networks. Please let me know. Thank you.


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    • Hi Alex,

      There are many many networks and some are private ( there are links to some of these in the forum) and some have many quality guidelines. Your domains sounds positive, however I will be honest, pagerank is usually one of the quality guidelines to get into the stronger networks. Having said that there are networks that accept PR 0 domains, and like I said before there are networks that look for other quality guidelines such as the items you have, like PA and Da. Without getting my calculator out and adding up the sites there may be over 1000+. The top 3 of the 8 I am in have around 100 – 200 sites. 200 is usually the limited in one network for security reasons.

      Best wishes

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  4. Dwight thanks for your review.

    I would love you add some results you have had with the network lately (Not keywords or stuff like that) just explaining the market difficulty, achievements and the amount of High Page Rank that was on that network for ranking.

    This way people will understand more the power behind this service and maybe some more conversions from your affiliate link.

    But again, thanks for the review.

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  5. Dwight thanks for your review.
    I have a question

    Are they effective when used in the Web 2 “my tier 1 ” ??

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    • Hi Mohammad,

      Do you mean to link frm FBN to your web 2? If yes, then sure using FBN as your tier 2 would be a great strategy.

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