5 Great Reasons To Build Your Social Profile Links Other Than SEO

how to build a web 2.0 siteWhen it comes to getting your message to potential online customers, you need to be on top of how things are changing with online behavior. While many people focus almost completely on search engine optimization (SEO), the truth is that you’re really missing out on the full benefit of social profile links if you’re only collecting them for SEO benefit. Read on to discover 5 great reasons you need to build your social profile beyond SEO.


The first thing to understand is that in today’s markets establishing your brand is critical. Who are you? Why should people know you? Anyone can call themselves an expert, but what does that really even mean?

Building up your social profile is a great way to build up your brand and get it in front of the eyes of Internet users, especially Gen X, Gen Y, and the broadly defined Millennial generation. When they see your brand in multiple different social platforms, it gets your logo, your slogan, and your message out to a wide audience. You cannot succeed in modern business without successful branding!

Building Up Trust

Building trust is difficult with any commercial venture, and yet studies have shown repeatedly that consumers who grew up with technology still want to find a company they can trust before making a purchase. One of the best ways to build up trust is through social profiles.

Do they see a Twitter profile that is active? Does your Facebook page have real fans and a fully filled out “About Us” that is more than just a mission statement but actually shows personality and interaction?

There are many other social networks like Digg, StumbleUpon, Redditt, and others that also allow you to show you can relate to them. Each of these places have millions of users, meaning a strong profile can draw more and more attention from future paying customers.

Build Your Authority

You will find it hard to build your authority online without using different social media sites. A bare social media profile doesn’t look like much, but an active one gets shared, gets links, and is filled out to provide a sense of knowledge, engagement, and quality. These are the things your tech-savvy generation is looking for.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is another reason to build your social profile links. If you have really good Tweets, people will want to visit your blog from Twitter. The same goes with a great Facebook fan page. You might get attention from StumbleUpon shares or from a really good thread on Redditt.

The point is there are millions of users who engage with others in a social way and want to find out more about their favorite posters or sharers. This is where having the full profiles can bring in a surprising amount of traffic to your main passion or website.

Because YouTube Is Huge

YouTube isn’t often thought of as a social site, but it is, and video is becoming more and more important online. From developing a great social profile that ranks on its own to putting in a large collection of videos that prove you’re the go-to specialist in your field, if you’re not using YouTube, you’re way behind.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot of talk about social profile links as an SEO factor, but when you stop using them for links and focus on your branding, your trust-building, and your positioning yourself as an authority, that’s when you really can succeed!

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