Why Do So Many Blogs and The Bloggers Behind Them Fail?

why blogs fail

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Certainly there are a lot of blogs on the internet these days and the amount changes each and every day.

I had a hard time finding a statistic on the total amount of blogs online today, so getting a clear picture of the total size is very difficult. Currently WordPress.com is displaying on their stats page that to date there are over 73 million WordPress sites in the world. That is an incredible statistic and we have not even considered other blogging platforms such as, blogger, Tumblr, Moveable Type, and other CMS systems.

So that is one heck of a lot of blogs wouldn’t you say so?

The stark reality though for most of these blogs that are created is that most do not receive anywhere near a 100 visitors a day. So the phrase build it and they will come certainly does not apply to blogging or the internet, or any business for that matter.

It is harsh, but I will have to say, Most Blogs Are Failures!

What makes a failure for me, is a blog that has no readers, and no traffic after months of posting content.

Also not everyone creates a blog to make money but for those that did and wrote content, published it and have no traffic and no sales is also a failure.

There is more to successful blogging then just publishing content on your site, which leaves many asking….

Why did my blog fail?

Typical reasons why a blog fails

  1. Lack of Proper Planning (No Passion about the Topic, No Purpose, No Goals)
  2. Minimal Rewards in the short term, financial and other (No Traffic, No Comments, No Sharing, No Income)
  3. Time management (Creating Content, Promoting The Site, Social Connections, Relationship Building)
  4. Style of Writing (Content not written to an individual in conversational manners, Bad Tones, Not Showing Your Personality)
  5. Design of the Blog (Cluttered, Hard to Navigate, Not Engaging The Readers)
  6. No Branding (Not Using A Catchy Unique Domain Name, Not Using Own Personal Name or Nickname, Not Communicating Your Character)

Okay, so it is not hard to find reasons why a blog has failed, but that makes us to ask the next obvious question…

 How to Create a Successful Blog?

Creating successful websites can be difficult as it is much more then writing good content, and probably the hardest part is it just might take you out of your comfort zone when getting started.

Overcoming Fear and Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

Planning – Recommended Steps To Take Before Starting Your Blog

  1. Find Out Who Your Target Audience Is
  2. Exactly Where Online is Your Audience Hanging Out At
  3. Does Your Audience Have Questions or Topics They Need Answered Or Like To Learn More About
  4. What Type of Things Do they Follow On The Social Networks
  5. Look At Your Competitors, Find Out Who They Are
  6. Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing Right
  7. Investigate What Your Competitors Are Doing Wrong, That You Could Do Better At Then They Are.
  8. How Are You Going To Be Different From Your Competitors
  9. Ways You Can Appeal To Your Audience
  10. Your Online Identity, How are you going to brand yourself
  11. Exactly what does your branding represent, how do you want people to remember you. Trust, Funny, Honesty, Controversial etc.
  12. Ask yourself why do you want to start a blog
  13. Ask yourself what are your expectations from your blog

After you have taken the time to answer these questions, there are some more necessary steps to take when planning a new blog.

Once you have completed the steps above you should know a lot more about what you are blogging about and whom all your work is for, so lets move on.

You are going to need to do some general research to find out what topics your readers want to read. Hopefully you can create around 50 of these that fit nicely into your new site, which creates a great foundation of articles for your blog.

A couple of good places to do research like this is to visit question and answer sites, like Yahoo or Quora.  Also forums that fall under your topic can also help as well for research but also for building your brand.

Next we must make some goals for ourselves as well as a schedule.

For your goals, create targets you would like to achieve for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year into the future. These targets should include things like how many visitors you would like to see, how many subscribers to your email list, and if you have financial goals for this site make note of them as well.  Track these each and every month so you know if they need refining just in case they were not realistic.

Your next task is to make a schedule of your daily work. Remember to make time in your week for, writing posts, building relationships with your readers and other blog owners, and also for social promotions, guest posting and other reputation building measures.

Building Your Successful Blog

I am assuming by now you have given thought to the design and layout of your new blog and also your domain along with its branding. If you haven’t then now is a good time to do so.

Look at other successful blogs for ideas on themes, logos and general site layouts that you like, and reflect a bit of your personality as well. Great themes for WordPress are all over for a small fee usually. Fiverr.com is a great place to get a logo for $5.00, and you can always contact me as well if you require any help with this.

After your blog is built you can start to post your content following your schedule of posting, promoting and connecting.

Some Tips For Successful Blogging

fear of success

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I have found that creating content around a precise keyword and writing content using the keyword so many times in the content just isn’t important anymore.  I have learned that writing content for my readers is more important and writing it naturally works best. If you do have a keyword you are writing around, follow my article about writing content and using keywords correctly.

Be consistent

Make sure you maintain consistency in your blogging. Try to keep your posts regular for your readers, and this also makes search engines like Google happy when you do this also.

Consistency allows you to stand out and get noticed as well which results in helping your branding and reputation. This can also help you make larger impacts with other Internet Marketing Ventures.

I Am Getting Preachy Here

If you do not feel like blogging, blog anyways. Do not wait for convenience either. Say you had a bad criticism, or receive negative comments, get out and blog again. This is all about conquering the competition, your feels and achieving your goals.

Believe me there are going to be days when you create content that by anyone’s standards is great, but no one reads it, or no comments were left, or no shares were done. You have to get back to it even so as it is a journey in your personal growth and also discovery of yourself.

As a blogger you have to wear many hats that make blogging fun. You are the creator, the publisher, the marketer, the researcher, a psychologist and a whole bunch of other things. When combined with everything, this is part of the successful blogging.

Share Your Personality

I will tell you, the only real thing that any one of us bring differently to a new blog is ourselves.

Bring your own personality to the blog and inject it into your articles, videos, social comments etc.  This is how people will start to and keep remembering you now and into the future.

Readers can find content similar to yours in more then one location and the content that readers enjoy the most is content that is either entertaining, or in depth filled with the author’s character.

Turn Yourself Into Your Blog’s Content

Do not forget that for people or your readers to buy from you they first have to like you and what you have to say. Bring your individual voice, your strange character, or ways you are different into your blog’s content.

Failing To Brand

I have to say this, but don’t piss away your chance to brand yourself with your blog. Create a destination for your readers by branding your site and yourself online.

It is your opportunity to throw yourself into a subject and engage your readers by putting your spin on the subject. This is why people will visit your blog and stay.

They will also return to if you keep writing this way along with interacting with them and sharing your own values.

Remember, you will build trust by your actions on your blog. Trust can bring rewards from people sharing your content, telling others about you and also by buying things from you.

This is Not an Olympic Sprint – Here the Turtle Wins The Race

Branding yourself doesn’t happen overnight by any means and if you have a get rich quick mentality your brand may end up in the garbage. Build your brand, which is your reputation over time, and then protect it, as it is irreplaceable.

If you create a blog that has passion and engages this will cultivate a community of readers around your content. Your own passion can then be translated into your brand and your members will spread the word for you.

Persistence is A Key To Your Success

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Being in this game for the long haul is the commitment it takes to be successful. You get to stare failure in the face and the door for learning opens itself to you. Afterwards you are left with a much stronger character as well.

Lastly Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If there is one thing that must be done to find success in anything is to face your fears head on. If it feels uncomfortable and a bit scary this is a positive thing and will pay off.

Once accomplishment comes forth from facing the fear, then comes a increase in self confidence and you can head off into getting out of your new comfort zone again to build even more character.

With your character building your articles will reflect this change and you will find you are starting to reach even more people with your content. Thus you have started what I like to call “The Snowball Effect”.

So there you have it. There are not really that many reasons for blog failure really. I could go and blame it on many factors I suppose, but in all honesty it comes down to me, myself and I. If I fail at a blog it is only because I have made a mistake somewhere along the way when I was planning.  If I recognize my failures I can then build my successes.

All of us fail, but do all of us learn?

If there is one thing to tell my readers here and now, is do not be afraid of the failure aspect. All of us fail, but do all of us learn? I will leave you to ask this question.

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