Articles and Tutorials I Read In November 2013

best sep articles november 2013So it is the beginning of December and I never did my what I read this month post for November and I am going to try and do one now.

Although I was very busy throughout the whole month and read a ton of articles, I had one problem and I lost the file where I put the links to all the articles I read.

So this creates a huge problem when you are trying to create a post on the subject when you have only a small portion of material around to create it.

If this article is really short I do apologize and I am using another method of archiving the links to the sites where I find articles to read so this can not happen again.

To start off with I read an article over at Search Engine Journal about spotting bad links in your webmasters account at Google. This article goes along well with my article about using the disavow tool in your webmaster tools account.

The article offers some valuable tips on what makes a bad link and the criteria that will help you decide if you should disavow the link or leave it as is. This is certainly a task all of us webmasters must be doing due to the use of negative seo on competitors websites.

Onto the second article recommendation I found was over at blog. They covered a very crucial topic that anyone who is selling items online needs to know. How to Use Buyer Intent to Write Better Copy.

Unless we can put ourselves into the buyers position and lets say shoes when shopping online, how could we ever write something of value that would or could influence a buyer into making a purchase from us.

Pawel talks about buyer behaviors, buying process and types of content within the post. Also discussed is turning theory into practice while looking at how users structure their searches online. By utilizing this approach it can lead you to the answer as to what kind of content you should write to meet this shoppers needs.

The next thing I delved into was I wanted to learn more about footprints and scraping using Scrapebox.  This is a tool I use often but not enough so I found a great set of tutorial by loopline on youtube. Very detailed oriented guy. So if you want to learn more about Scrapebox go here.

The last item that I could find that I took interest in in November was an article I bookmarked about a month ago on SEO Traffic Hacks.  This is an article by Terry Kyle about how to get the most out of Google’s Keyword Planner and force it show you 10,000 keywords instead of the usual 800 – 1000. This helped me a lot because I was researching a new niche and I was trying to find keywords that were definitely not being targeted and his solution helped me to accomplish this.  Talking about keyword research I have been wanting to do a tutorial on this for sometime as maybe I can accomplish this in December.


Sorry again for my lack of topics for November, and for December I hope to be able to provide a much more detailed list of great reads again.


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