Articles I Enjoyed Reading In September 2013

things-i-read-in-september-2013I have been busy this month online and offline writing content for the site as well as writing content for my other sites. I have also been doing regular link building, using various tools such as Ultimate Demon, Fightback Network, and making use of Buzzbundle for traffic. I was also able to find, purchase and add new sites to my private blog network. For offline entertainment, I went hiking in the mountains, for picnics by the lake and sat and had a few drinks on my deck with friends and family. Overall it was a great month.

I found time to read a few articles this month and let me tell you more about that now.

If you have visited my blog back before September you might have noticed a few changes on First off I moved my blog to the top level of the domain and got rid of my ecommerce site. Next I implemented a brand new WordPress theme called Nexus by Elegant Themes. Great themes by the way if you have never heard of them check them out. Anyways, I read a couple of posts on the Elegant Themes blog that I would like to share with you.
The first article I read on their blog was a customer spotlight and I want to share it because there are some very nice blogs represented. The blogs represented were from a competition for their clients for best blog and here are the winners. –
The other article on their websites was for a free download, which has some great icons for blogs. There is not much content to read, but if you are like me and always need items to perk up a website then these icons are a valuable asset to add into ones site tools. Here is the link to the free download of the business icons –

Google Authorship

There were some recent changes made to how Google wants you to use authorship on your blogs. Did you know that they did not like everything on your blog to show authorship? Things like archives, categories, and the homepage should not show any authors at all. So how do you tame WordPress to not show authorship everywhere like I was doing by adding it into the header. I learnt how to implement it properly for my posts by adding some code to the single posts page and this is the tutorial that showed me how. –

Where do sites get their traffic?

If you ever found yourself asking this exact question as I have in the past then the next article I found in September is the perfect article to help you out. Yes it is not possible to get a peak inside another company’s analytics but there are ways we can gather intel on our competition and learn from it for better results for our own sites.
This article on may take you a while to absorb but do go and give it a good bit of your time and you will take away some very valuable information.
Click here to read Reverse Engineering Marketing: Where Do Other Sites Get Their Traffic?

Free Articles and Website Content

This next article I read was by Don Sturgill over at about finding content for your websites that is free. In actuality it is a tutorial on how to setup and use the system at What you can take away from this article is exactly how you can get content for your own sites as well as have content written by you posted onto other sites linking back to your site. Basically killing two birds with one stone. Don goes into great detail in his article about all aspects of this guest posting network and I think all of us bloggers should be looking closely at this.
So if you want to learn more about content posting, free articles on your site and how to use this system then click here to read more.

Optimizing Your WordPress Sites

I have been meaning to write a detailed tutorial on how to do this myself as I have gone through the process of optimizing this site and others so I think other bloggers are looking for how to do this. This one article from about how to speed up your website was a great help. This article talks about what is slowing your site down, where to check it loading times, how to read the loading results and what to do about them if they need some optimization done. This post broke down some of the steps required for increasing site speed, but one thing it does not do is show how to setup the WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache, too bad. Overall though the article does a great job explaining the various things that are needed to achieve more speed.
If you want to learn more about WordPress Speed Optimization then visit this link here.

SEO Recent Changes

Rand Fishkin wrote the first article I read this month about some SEO changes. His article discusses some changes being done by Google once again. This change is an industry changer for those who like numbers, and knowing what keywords people are visiting their sites with. Well it seems this information is going to be blocked 100% which will bring about many changes in SEO’s future. I guess though this will help Google’s bank account once more as the behemoth just needs more and more money. What a shame I feel and others like yourself may feel the same. Read more here about The First Existential Threat to SEO.

Lastly I read about the new algorithm called Hummingbird over at An article written by Danny Sullivan goes over the many questions one may have about this change, what it is accomplishing, what changes took place and does it really work as well as any before and afters. Please click here to read this article titled – All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

Again I hope you find some or all of this information useful in one way or another and come back in October to see what is new at

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