Articles I Have Read in August 2013

things-i-read-in-august-2013I frequently visit many blogs online and use technorati to find sites that are getting the most traffic . The reason I do this is because I like to read what they are talking about in many areas of blogging.  Some of the areas I really enjoy reading about are Google Webmaster changes, Google Analytics different uses, SEO Tips, Different philosophies on site setup and Internet Marketing business advice, New Software and a whole lot of others.

Blogging Tips

Learning ways to obtain better results within the search engines is always a bloggers quest and this month I read a great post titled “Top 9 SEO Tips for Web Masters and Bloggers”.   This article listed some of the usual things most of us take for granted when creating our posts on our sites but it is always good to be reminded of the little things we forget.  I know as I forget many things very often and my beautiful wife is very kind to give me a heads up. 🙂 Mental exercises could certainly give me a boost.

Next I came upon another great post on about a very important and relevant topic for all bloggers and that post was “Building a Blog Brand, Posting Frequency and Choosing a Niche”. Darren Rowse discusses in his post the important rules for building brand, something I am underway on for He makes a great reference to Jeff Bezos of Amazon which totally makes a lot of sense. Next he tackles choosing a niche and the ever popular question of “Profitability vs Personal Interest”. Last and maybe most important is what rate should we be posting to our sites. I know I struggle keeping a regular posting schedule and realize what I have been doing on my blog is not good enough so as summer ends I am in process of rectifying this by becoming much more organized.


Writing content that has good value, that is longer then 400 words and is not just rehashed mumbo jumbo takes a lot of effort by us bloggers.  Protecting our content is highly important as these articles are valuable and is what brings traffic and people to our websites.

So how do we go about protecting our assets on our blogs?

I came across a post on Kissmetric’s blog by Olivia Rose that can help us with the various ways we can protect ourselves as well as find and get the stolen content removed from the internet. This post is titled “5 Easy to Use Tools to Effectively Find and Remove Stolen Content”.  At some point in time every website owner comes across this issue but is it certainly easier in 2013 to protect our content then it was in years past.

Search Engine Optimization

I have been using SEO Powersuite for some time now and do enjoy the tips from the team over at In August I had the pleasure to read this post “SEO in 4 Minutes”. Catchy title don’t you think?  Short, simple and grabs your attention.  This article was filled with information on some vital steps as well as utilizing all the tools within the SEO powersuite. Tackled in the article is keyword research, how to use these found keywords wisely on your sites, organizing your site and making sure the code is clean, finding potential back link sources, getting effective links incoming to our sites, and the sixth is controlling your website rankings.  If you are not a user of these tools after reading their post you just might be adding them to your wishlist.  Or hey if you are looking to purchase it why not click on my affiliate link over there on the right sidebar I would certainly appreciate it. 🙂

There are some changes happening again within Google and their Webmaster guidelines. These changes affect each and every website owner and blogger so it is best to keep on top of things.  Over at a recent post by Sujan Patel about the changes titled “Google Recent Webmaster Guideline Changes: What You Need To Know” provides an in-depth report of some of the shit that is coming our way.

Social Networking

If you use Google+ then an article over at by Jason DeMers wrote a nice piece on “How to Breathe Life into Your Google+ Profile”.  He dived into areas that are essential steps in helping you gain influence with Google+. gives some super awesome tips within this writeup for enhancing your social media profiles. I am certain there will be at least one or two tips that you could implement right away.  I would be lying saying I found only two, the truth is I need to learn a lot more in this area of social networking. If only I was as good at it as my wife is. Hmm thought,  hire my wife!

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