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improve-position-300x250A while back, maybe 6 – 8 months ago I came across a piece of software by called SEO Powersuite.  SEO Powersuite is a set of tools, 4 in all that when combined help you tackle the difficult area of performing search engine optimization for your website or websites.

This toolset combines these 4 tools each of them named as:

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. Website Auditor
  3. SEO Spyglass
  4. LinkAssistant

You might be asking the question do I really require 4 different pieces of software? Well the answer to that is a definite yes if you are performing these typical functions each day, week or month. Task such as:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Ranking Statistics
  3. Analyzing your Anchors and their percentages
  4. Quality of your backlinks
  5. Where are your competitors getting links.
  6. Repairing issues with Google – Panda, Penguin algorithm
  7. Communicating with other website owners to build relationships
  8. Finding new backling opportunities, sending emails and tracking responses

Well if you are like myself I have to perform these tasks above often, not only for myself and my websites but also for clients as well.  It used to be a daunting task, but after coming across SEO Powersuite and it’s set of tools my time spent on this has lessoned immensely and it could for you as well.

So lets go over some of the details of each piece of the software and what functions each provides for you.

rt-boxRank Tracker

This software does what it says, tracks keyword position within the search engines. Knowing your position directly correlates to income does it not, so knowing this information is a must.

Rank Tracker not only tracks your keywords and their rankings but also your competitors as well. You have the opportunity to track up to 5 websites and compare them all. No more manual checking needed!

If you don’t like to open the software and run it each day, then why not make use of the auto-pilot settings. Set a schedule for the software and let it perform this rank tracking task for you. All you need to do is to go into the program every so often and look at the results.

If you need to make a PDF of the ranking stats this is also an option to a licensed user.

Lastly, Rank Tracker can also display to you the BEST Keywords to optimize your sites for. Let it show you the amount of times a keyword is searched, as well as just how difficult if the competition going to be. The team at calls this KEI ( Keyword Efficiency Index ).  Got to love those acronyms.

Rank Tracker Project

Rank Tracker Project


wa-boxWebsite Auditor

If one enjoys analysis and the details of on page seo, then you will enjoy Website Auditor.

Want to know just how to create a 100% Google friendly page that can beat the competition? Keep reading!

Just by learning to use this tool to the max you will be able to be sure to optimize your pages with any finicky trial and error, or going back and forth between other tools or installing web browser plugins.

Website Auditor allows you to find issues on site, such as pages without a description, pages that  have duplicate descriptions, broken links, html errors, 404’s, pages that have yet to be indexed, titles that are too long and also meta descriptions.

When you fine tune these areas your performance will no longer fall short.

Okay, so maybe you are like myself and questioned, how was this software developed and why should I use it?

The team at did not build this without a lot of thought and research.  They had to reverse engineer top ranking sites and dig out what was letting the site at the first position rank there.

If you have a keyword you want to rank for, let Website Auditor go through the top 10 pages and learn all about what they did to rank there, then it will compile this information into personal optimization advice that is now relevant for your niche.

Pretty Cool Eh!

Need a report done?

Website Auditor also has this built into it so you can build a report that can guide you all the way throughout the search engine optimization process.

That saves time right! So if you are involved with business online in anyway, then this piece of software was made for you. You can also try it out for free if you have any doubt. So stop guessing and get to knowing the facts today!

Website Auditor Project Report

Website Auditor Project


sg-boxSEO Spyglass

Add this tool to your arsenal and quickly outrank any site and receive more visitors and sales without struggling anymore by answering this one question… Where do I find and receive HIGH QUALITY LINKS, and How Many Does One Need before we outrank the others on page 1?

All you need is a blueprint! Create a blueprint that displays what you will need for backlinks by working smarter, not harder.

Allow SEO Spyglass to build you this blueprint that will show you an optimization strategy in 30 minutes or less that will help take your website from never being seen within a search to being found in a top rankings position.

This tool within the SEO Powersuite set is super powerful and also easy to use, but definitely go through the tutorials found on their website to really know the ins and outs of it. As soon as you learn how to operate this software you are going to get the answers you have been looking for to rank your websites.

You are going to learn this from SEO Spyglass:

  1. Where to get high quality links.
  2. What anchors to use to help your outrank others.
  3. The amount of links required to get rankings and also traffic.

Combine those 3 items above and you will begin to see sales being attached to that traffic you start to receive.

For the PROS

SEO Spyglass did not forget you!  With it you will be able to find out many things about competitors and their links. Learn how many backlinks they have, the Google PageRank of each of these links. Alexa traffic and the backlinks. Also find out the total number of pagerank 0 – 10 backlinks. Anchor texts can also be aquired for each backlink as well as if competitors are buying links. This information combined with much more can be learned by using SEO Spyglass.

SEO does not have to a guessing game, make it a science and the possibilities are endless.

SEO Spyglass Project

SEO Spyglass Project

SEO Spyglass Project Report

SEO Spyglass Project Report


la-boxLink Assistant

The last of the 4 products within SEO Powersuite’s set of tools that helps you to build safe and efficient links in 2013 and beyond.

Like all SEO’s we know that link building is the core to our website promotions but we also know that Google is aware of un-natural links so we must be building links in a natural way if there is really such as thing right. J

Building links manually has become a manageable task but only by using Link Assistant as your go to tool.  Put this software to work and begin building high quality links to your sites and increase your overall links. This is the start of your successful link building campaign.

So what exactly does Link Assistant do for you?

It gives you the ability to now go out and find link partners from relevant websites that are already trusted by the search engines.  Link Assistant finds these sites by using its own build in algorithm that takes all characteristics we have spoken about above and brings back list of hundreds of theme related sites along with their contact information saving you many hours of manual searching.

This software allows you to build a link directory, where you can break down each backlink into categories and subcategories. Doing this will help visitors navigate and also be search engine friendly.

For design of the directory for your website, link assistant takes care of this as well and allows you to insert the directory right into your websites design.

Contacting other site owners

Want to send out requests for links from the best websites, this software can do that for you as well. Built in templates as well as tracking etc. tackle this task effectively for you. No more manually emailing for links!

Receive responses to your emails within the software and control all your correspondences with ease. No more searching for lost emails in your email client.

By using Link Assistant for link building you now have an easy opportunity to build links, and give links back.  Never worry again about a link partner not linking back as this is tracked in the software for you. What is amazing is this software also can not be fooled by sneaking blackhat seo trickery either. This way you know that each and every link you have worked so hard to get is working for you, not against you.

Monitoring your link building has never been easier and watch and control your link growth and popularity right from inside Link Assistant.

Combine this last tool with all the others and you have the arsenal to win the SEO war that is out there.  Do not be guessing and shooting blanks anymore, just build out sites, rank them and fill the bank account starting today. Work Smarter!

Link Assistant Partner Search

Link Assistant Partner Search

Link Assistant Project URL Selection

Link Assistant Project URL Selection

Link Assistant Potential Link Partners

Link Assistant Potential Link Partners


I will make one final note about the suite of tools by and these tools are always updated with new features so they will continue to be the best set of SEO tools out there.  No more need to buy others or replace anything as these are going to be around for awhile as they have the history of doing just that.

You can visit the website to learn more about SEO Powersuite here.


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