Things I read in January 2014

all the buzz from january 2014Here is another installment to the things I read and this is for January 2014.

January was a busy month for me as I ended up building 2 more affiliate sites in niches I know absolutely nothing about, but I am learning. I wish I could post details about them online but when I did this in the past the site had to be discarded and started over. I have heard this from other marketers as well, which explains why there doesn’t exist any great tutorials for building sites anywhere IMO.

Anyways enough about that right!

Lets get started then with a post I read over at which to this day makes me laugh. The title is “Why Should We Do Everything Google Says?” written by Bernadette Coleman. I love this article because it talks about exactly what I believe and that is who made Google God? Do we need to listen to all the crap that spills from their mouths? Well in my opinion certainly not and others should think about this as well. To me they are a dictatorship that feeds the people with propaganda that basically serves them well but not others. Just think about the stupid nofollow tag, where would they be if nobody used that tag on their websites? I personally would like to see a nofollow revolution. J

Next I didn’t read anything but watched a video of an interview with Rand Fishkin by Jaime Tardy. Usually I do read or listen to much over at but I did enjoy the interview. Jaime asked Rand questions such as: “Is SEO dead?” “How to rank a site” “What ways are the best use of ones time to get traffic”. Very relevant information.

Stats and Trends – Are you into stats?

Here is a stat I found to be unexpected by me on how many people are searching for the terms “Content Marketing” and “Link Building”. The graph follows these two terms starting in the year 2004 to the present. You can see how a search for the term link building is lowering while the search for content marketing is increasing. I guess this really represents how people are starting to market their websites. You can view the graph here.

Widget Links

Link widgets and Googles stance on them. Here we go again with another update from the God Google. Matt Cutts gave an update on this in a new video on Googlewebmaster tools over at They have basically said these should be nofollow links if the anchors are keyword rich, hidden or low quality. What is a low quality link exactly and who decides it? Define exactly what is keyword rich as well. Does that mean if it contains a keyword? Who knows right? Just Google? You got it Pontiac! You know how I do links in widgets, if they are advertising or affiliate links they get nofollowed and that is it. Every else gets a dofollow tag as I think it is only fair to do this.

Link building methods

I was wondering how many people know about this method of finding places to get new links to their websites by finding sites who have broken outbound links. Yes the links need to be relevant to your website but this could be very powerful for those who take the time to find them and reach out to the owners of the sites. The article I read about this was over at the blog and it was titled “Broken Link Building: a Step-by-Step Practical Guide”. If you happen to be looking for new links that have Pagerank, or are on an authority site then read that post. The tips are worth the time.

How Search Works

This next item I came across was new webpage that Google put together to explain how search works with them. They called it the inside story. For me I guess I would call it the outside story as the detail is clearly not there as they have really simplified that whole thing. Anyways if you have a few spare minutes take a peek. The page is interesting to say the least even though it is not the most informative.

Generation Y – I Say Generation Who?

My wife sent me this article to read one day about Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy. Really do I really care? I guess I do a bit as my two nephews are entering this phase of their lives and it makes a lot of sense what the author writes about.  Certainly there is a huge difference between when I entered the workplace and how it is today. Expectations start off huge with generation Y and when I started I did not really have any expectations except to be paid when I worked. Give it a read here, but be warned you need at least two cups of coffee and a snack to get through it.

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

This topic was the rage in January after Matt Cutts decided it was time to start going after guest blog posts as a bad way to build back links with his article “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO”. People were mad, angry, and generally pissed off. I can understand this, as guest posting is a great way to get relevant back links from great websites. Again this raises the question “Do you need to listen to Google?”. Remember Google is full of shit and we all know that their ranking of sites depends on us building links to sites through editorial posts. So don’t stop doing and don’t stop asking. Just go about it as before, using high quality content that is unique and interesting.’s Amy Gesenhues wrote a nice long article on the subject here.

So once again that is my roundup on what I read in January. It definitely was a great month for noteworthy content. I learned a few new things, enjoyed a lot of things I read and found pleasure in most. Please come back next month to see what items I found on the interweb!



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