What I Have Read In October 2013

articles for internet marketers recommendedSo this month I have come across a diversity of articles that I found in various ways.  Some were found by visiting some of my favorite sites and others were found on social networks, while others were recommended to me by subscriptions I have. Anyhow, these articles I enjoyed while learning new ideas, tips, and tricks, in all aspects of Internet marketing.

A New Way to Recover From Penguin and Panda

Things I learned were new ways of using 301 redirects to recover from Google’s notorious Panda and Penguin updates after reading an article over at Backlinksvault.com titled “How to Recover From Google Panda / Penguin Updates Using 301 Permanent Redirects Case Study”.

Luckily for me this was only about learning and not having to implement because I have been fortunate enough to not be hit by these updates on my websites. (Fingers crossed of course)

My next article that I have added to my list this month is about the “Unnatural Link Penalty” and how to avoid it. Avoiding it is not completely up to the website owner though, because of negative SEO that exists today. This article was posted over at intrapromote.com and is titled “Tips for Avoiding “Unnatural” Link Building. The author made some very good points within his article. I really like the point about changing your mindset. You can find the article here.

Time and Organizing Problem Solved

Moving on, I was looking for more information on how to be more organized and learned of an online tool called IFTTT. Ok that is a strange anachronism is it not? So what does it mean – It means If This Then That. I won’t get into a lot of details on what it is and what it does, but if you are wanting to speed up some of your daily tasks then this could be what you need.

So Sharon Hurley Hall wrote the article I found over at crazyegg.com. Sharon comprised a nice piece that gathered resources filled with tips and examples of how to use the powerful software of IFTTT effectively. She wrote about some technicalities of the software along with recipes you could implement after signing up.  This article I am talking about is called “IFTTT: Your Recipe for a Simplier Marketing Task List”. Oh, one last mention I should make about this tool, “Its Free”.

The HummingBird Update

Since September Google has gone and ran another Penguin update. This one is known as Hummingbird or Penguin 2.1. Did it affect you in anyway? I have seen quite a few members of Traffic Planet complaining that their sites were tanked after this update. This time I had one site of mine hit, but it is a site I never update or do any sort of link building or networking on for a very long time but I did want to learn more about this algorithm change so I went to SearchEngineland.com and found an article that explained what Hummingbird was and How to Deal with it. The article written by Danny Sullivan and be found here.

Watching Youtube Videos

My next recommendation for reading has nothing to do with marketing and is for people like myself who like to visit youtube.com for pleasure other then work.

The article I came upon in October is over at Lifehacker.com that is about Youtube URL Tricks. They wrote about 6 of the best tricks that someone could use to better their own experiences using Youtube.com. Awesome, I love these kinds of informative articles. My only question is how do people find out this stuff.

After reading this article I learned about how to put a video into a loop to repeat it, great for watching tutorials me thinks. Next they show you how to download any video, be careful with this one though, copyright issue can be a problem. The best part for me was bypassing regional restrictions.  Many times we want to watch something that is from another country other then Canada and we can’t, this solves the problem.

Well anyways if you want to read this article you can locate it by clicking here.

Guest Post Writing

This is a super popular topic everywhere online nowadays. Even Matt Cutts made a video about how we should be doing this correctly. Is guest posting a problem? No way! This along with blog networks is the most powerful kind of backlinks to be building.

If you are new to this kind of networking you are not alone and you may even be afraid of trying guest posting out. If so, I found an article over at Shoutmeloud.com where the author tackles this topic in their article called “A Blogger Guide To Overcome The Fear of Writing Guest Posts”. Read this if you are just getting going, definitely. One you have read that you might enjoy my article about where to guest post.

WordPress Loading Times

I do quite a bit of testing on my site to see what small changes I can make to help to loading times to become less without moving to a dedicated WordPress host like WP Engine. Using various plugins like W3 Total Cache, Cloudflare and a subdomain CDN have helped a lot without spending any more money.

This month Elegant Themes.com wrote about some WordPress loading time tips to improve speeds that showed ways to test and improve each of your sites without spending a dime. A must read for anyone using WordPress on shared hosting. I have on my todo list to make a tutorial on how I setup my sites loading times. Watch out for this in the coming months. So if you want to learn more about lowering page load times then read this post.

Disavow Links Experiment

Lastly this month I read this article by Cyrus Shepard over at Cyrusshepard.com. Cyrus did an experiment that was very intriguing to me on how he disavowed every link to his website. His article talks about the crazy antics that happened along with images of rankings before and after doing the disavow experiment.

This disavow tool I do not know much about but I am going to give it a try on my site that was hit by Hummingbird and Cyrus’s article did open my eyes on what to expect when I do move ahead.

If you are looking to learn more about the disavow tool I recommend reading about the experiment called “If You Disavow Links Are They Gone Forever?”. Your eyes may be opened up as well.


That’s All For October! See You Next Month.


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