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Do you like info graphics and love your data presented visually? If you do like it as much as I do then you just might like this new offering from for creating a web metrics report for your site directly from your analytics account.  Along with providing this to you for free, also is going to send it directly into your inbox each and every week.  I think this is pretty cool for getting a quick look at a few of your website metrics without having to do anything but signup and attach your Google Analytics account to your account on

So Let Me Explain How This Works

Visit their website (located here) and go through their signup process by clicking on the signup icon on the top right. Once directed to the signup page you are going to be asked for the usual info such as: Username, Email, Password and re-captcha. There are other boxes but they are not required toreceive an account. No verification emails are sent and you will now have to login.  Once inside go to create and at the top is an image with details about the new info graphic for analytics. Click the start now icon and you are prompted to login to your google account where will grab your account number and associate it to this app.

google analytics infographic

After selecting from the drop down which account you want to link to’s app will get to work creating your info graphic and momentarily it shows up beside the drop down box on the right.

google analytics infographic app

Receive Weekly Reports

Once that is done another option on the left shows up which is if you want the graphic to be sent to you inbox each week. Of course I did select this option as I thought that really simplifies this whole thing. Signup and select a couple of settings and really you never have to return again unless you would like to make some changes with the analytics account. Some may think that weekly emails for this is too often or maybe not enough as well and might want to consider adding more choices regarding this but I am not complaining.

send report weekly


What Metrics Does The App Show

The infographic that is created for you using this app does not really do much more then a simple snapshot of user metrics. Items which are included in your image are:

  • Pageviews – Here it shows three weeks of traffic compared to each other within a graph with either an arrow up in green which shows an increase in views or like mine shows a red arrow when page views decrease.
  • Vistors – Again they use arrows to show a couple of metrics for visitors. The first arrow shows your new visitors and the next arrow shows your returning visitors. Both of these metrics are then put into a circle graph showing the percentages of new to returning.
  • Engagement – This metric shows what changes took place with how users interacted with your content such as pages per visit and time spent on site.
  • Social – The social metric is showing how many users shared your content to places like Twitter and Facebook.  It also will show if you are receiving any referrals from social networks like Youtube etc.
  • SEO – What this metric graphs in a simple format is if you are gaining or decreasing in organic traffic. That is all it shows, there is nothing about popular keywords or rankings.
  • Bounce Rate – This is the final metric but yet one that is very important that I like to watch closely yet this metric on their app falls very short as there is no detail whatsoever which is too bad in my opinion.

In My Opinion

Overall I am really happy with this new app by  Is there opportunity for them to improve it? Certainly!  There is opportunity for them to allow users to select different metrics and maybe to offer a few other ways to output the data visually.  As far as being free and worth someones time I would definitely say yes. Web Metrics Sample Created by Infographic Google Analytics Report

zwinks web metrics report

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