How to Block / Filter Your IP Address from Google Analytics and Why

Excluding Your IP

check off things to doIf you have just started using Google Analytics on your website for tracking purposes then you must also do this highly recommended step right after installing the code. You must setup a filter to block your personal IP or IP’s from each of your sites so as not to skew all of your data.

Excluding Your own Ip address from Google Analytics: It is obvious that Google Analytics is an effective resource intended for examining any internet sites traffic data. Without knowing precisely what webpages are definitely ranking the best, where your visitors have discovered these pages, what sites are the most significant referers etc is undoubtedly much like shooting after dark.

Being familiar with this kind of information allows you to be more innovative in how you actually promote a website. One example is, being aware of what pages and posts happen to be receiving the best traffic. After that you can focus on the most beneficial marketing and advertising upon those webpages or perhaps make use of those same pages to backlink to several other related pages and posts to obtain additional click throughs.

Yet another substantial advantage by incorporating Google Analytics into your website is to what I believe is adding a bit more trust between your site and Google.

The Method to Block Your IP Address from Google Analytics Tutorial Video

One thing you must do so you can get accurate data from analytics is always to exclude your own personal IP address from those figures in order to get an accurate representation of your site visitors, the bounce rates, and where the visitor exits from, how many pages they viewed plus the time they have spent on your site. If you have not created an analytics account yet you can do so here before continuing below.

Once you have made an account, please follow the steps within my video directly below to filter your IP. In the event you log into or perhaps look at your website via several locations, it is also advisable to include all of those different IP addresses into the same filter.

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