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On January 28, 2014
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Recommended Host for Starting Your Own Blog Network and For SEO. Hostnine offers 6 server locations so you can place your domains around the world. Using them gives you the opportunity to get started building your blog networks by using one Host for location and IP diversity.

H9-GRN_12-12-13__250x250I have been using Hostnine Hosting for somewhere around 5 years now to host sites such as WordPress, Jcow, Drupal, and others.

The sites I am hosting with them are not my money sites as I haven’t found a better host for this then Hostgator’s shared and reseller hosting. (You can read why I use Hostgator for my money sites here)

Anyways, if you want to host sites such as blog network sites and take your SEO to the next level then Hostnine is a perfect choice for this. (And if you are not aware of how to create a blog network you can learn more about it here.)

So why do I like Hostnine reseller hosting for hosting these types of sites then?

  1. The absolute main reason I love Hostnine is because when you purchase their reseller hosting you get to choose where you want each of your site’s hosted location. What they have is a network of locations, 3 are in the USA (East, West, Central), another is in the UK (Near London), another is in Singapore (Asia Location) and the last location is in the Netherlands (Europe Location). Those locations alone give you 6 choices around the world to host your network of sites from.
  2. The second added benefit of Hostnine’s various locations is when you install a new domain onto a new location you will receive a new IP. For example: If you have 12 sites, all located throughout those 6 locations and you need to install the 13th site. What happens when you install this new site lets say on their western location, where you have 2 sites already? What usually happens is it is not going to share an IP with the other 2 sites on that location so you not only have location diversity but you also receive IP diversity. Why is that so good? Well c-class IP diversity is essential for good SEO link building and Hostnine delivers that.
  3. My third reason for liking these guys so much is their resellers dashboard. Here you can do anything you like to your sites, whether you want to access cpanel, its just a click. If you want to move a site from one location to another all you have to do is go to the migration manager and a couple of clicks later the site is in the queue for moving. Others things available right inside the panel is support, network status and resource usage if you need to track that.
  4. Another benefit of using Hostnine’s reseller hosting plan is just by signing up with their level one you are allowed 100 domains to be hosted. So if you are like me and you do not need the space for all 100 then you can go out and sell the extra slots and this alone can pay for the hosting for you. A typical rate to charge for a single monthly account is $1.99 – $3.95. If you sell 10 accounts for $1.99 a month your hosting is paid for in full. If you sell 20 then you are making money, which could help you buy more domains to add to your own blog network. Right?
  5. The last benefit of going with reseller hosting instead of shared is you get to put each of your domains onto their own cpanel account. This is a huge time saver when needing to do things over FTP or if you need to relocate as well as backup your sites. Note – (Addon domain hosting is a real pain in the ass if you need to do any of this so try to stay away from it if you can.)

view the hostnine dashboardCertainly there are other things one can write about when doing a hosting review. Things such as support, uptime, security etc. are all valid items to consider but I think these are only appropriate when looking for money site hosting.

For blog network hosting all I consider is cost, reputation, and if I can host at least 10 domains on the account and the rest doesn’t really matter to me. However, if you are just starting out and need hosting for your own blog networks, then Hostnine offers the best options to get you going and does not put a huge dent in your pockets either.

When you combine their diversity of server locations and being able to grab unique ips on their servers makes them my top pick for SEO, or blog network hosting. You couple that with the ability to sell some space to help pay for the account when you are just starting out really puts Hostnine way ahead of anything else out there.

So for the best blog network hosting solutions give Hostnine Reseller Hosting a Try.


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