Blog Commenting – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Blog CommentingBlog Commenting is it a viable method of getting links to your websites anymore? Certainly!  If done correctly with the right intentions without spamming.

For the longest time, now or should I say, the last couple of years I keep reading that building links by commenting is dead and one is better off doing something else.  I have to disagree with it being dead, but can you spam a million sites and expect to rank doing so, No of course not!

So how does one go about commenting then?

To start off you are not looking for dofollow links but you may get some on some sites.  Building nofollow links I believe do help, if not your rankings but it can help your links to look much more natural, keeping your site from future penalties.

Our main goal here is to look for sites that have content that is relevant to your own.  You can do this just by doing a search on Google.

What I do is the basic of basics, and it goes like this.

I go to Google and enter the phrase I want to find sites for with nothing else, and then I select the Search Tools dropdown and select the last week setting.  Just from this I usually end up with a list of at least 5 sites that posted a post recently that is completely relevant to my site.

Tip! If you select the last 24 hours you can find sites with no comments yet, making yours the first comment which can lead to traffic to your site as many commenters like to see who is commenting before they comment.

How to format your comments

I first make sure to read over the article and find something to comment about. Then I just either enter my name (Dwight, Dwight Cocran) or I may enter (Dwight @ or Dwight [email protected]) into the name field. I then enter my WordPress avatar email address so my comment either has my branding by using my sites logo or my personal picture. Then for the website url I just enter my domain.  Doing a comment this way will almost always be posted by the admin if they are moderating comments.  Also if a site is setup like mine, that once your first comment is approved you are then able to comment without any further moderation.

At times when posting a comment it may be appropriate to include a link to a post you have on your site or a guest post somewhere else, but even this may put your comment into the spam folder on the site you are posting.  Don’t let this stop you from trying sometimes. I have setup some sites to accept one link inside a comment but anymore then one is sent straight to the spam folder.

Reason why this link building method is good still today

Building links by commenting this way helps you to gain links that are relevant and coming from respected sites thus providing your site with more domain authority for its niche.

Also this helps you to receive links from various locations in the world, which can also help your rankings locally in the niche that your site is targeting.

Go And Try For Yourself

So why not gives this method a tryout for yourself and test what I am talking about? You really have nothing to lose unless you go crazy and build 100’s of links per day.

Keep it to a few per day and even though they might be 95% nofollow links and reap the benefits while others choose to not do something as simple as this for their own SEO.

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  1. I have been hesitant about commenting anywhere as I thought it was considered to be spam. I understand a bit better now that some comments can actually be beneficial when link building.

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  2. Hey Dwight,

    As Nancy pointed out, it is easy to think that anything you do online these days is considered spam. Commenting and contributing is what blogging is all about.

    One of my favourite ways of easily finding useful blog posts to contribute to, is to set up a Google alert on the topic that interests you.

    This way Google goes out and finds the top 10 most relevant and popular blog posts on the topic and sends them to you in an email. Not only does this save a lot of time, but it also allows you to connect with other people in your industry/audience/field of interest etc, on virtual auto-pilot.

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