How to Build Your Own Effective Link Juice Network

stop renting your backlinksI have learned over the years how important it has been for me to have my own network of websites when I need a few higher quality links to assist in ranking websites.  These types of links come from sites I have built by using aged domains which I purchased from auctions at Godaddy or through Namejet that were related to my niches.

Why don’t I just buy links? It adds Up!

Buying links one at a time from some of the retailers just becomes too expensive over a long period of time. Good links from non-budget retailers range in cost from about $3.00 a month for a PR 3 link on up to $30.00 a month for a PR 6, depending on factors like outbound links, category of link, age of the domain and its pagerank. Furthermore, the added administration of monitoring the links is another task I could live without.

Other suppliers of homepage backlinks will not supply you with the locations of the links, which you purchased from them as well so, you must purchase on trust alone.  Being that there are so many scammers online I prefer to stay far away from networks that do not supply link locations.

Building My Own blog / Link Network

I started building my own network of domains about 4 years ago and over this time I have built up a nice set of sites. The overall total to-date is over 200 and usually when starting a new project I like to purchase 5 – 10 aged domains to add to this network. Of course as you buy more sites you will need more places to host them so you have name server and IP diversity, which is incredibly important, no actually it is crucial in today’s internet.

Hosting The Domains

I got started using hosting services such as Hostgator, Host9, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Accuweb and others that allow for at least 10 addon domains.  Starting with 5 different hosts is a good starting point I feel and keeps your expenses low.  Sometimes with hosting coupons etc. you can purchase a whole year for about $30 per account. You may like to read my Hostnine Reseller Hosting Review before starting your own blog network.

*NOTE – Do not use sites that promise SEO hosting.  None of these provide the safety you need with these types of networks. Believe me I have been burnt by trying this in the past so please do not repeat my mistake. Here is a good article on the cons of SEO hosting.

Setting up my domains on the hosts

This is how I go about setting up the domains on each of my hosting accounts. First we will start with the accounts that are the regular hosting accounts.

On these accounts that allow addon domains I will add up to 10 domains on each. If you are just starting out I suppose you will be adding either 1 or 2 domains, which is fine.

So if I have 5 different hosting companies that allow addon domains I can host up to 50 sites in total.  The total amount of sites per hosting account depends on the amount of niches you are in or planning to build sites around. The reason for this is because you do not want to link to your money sites from more then one domain on each of your hosting accounts. This is important to maintain your name server and IP diversity.

Download a PDF File of This Tutorial by Sharing Below

Software for Each Domain

I like to randomize the software I install onto these blog network domains.  I believe that only using wordpress or another software on all sites could possibly cause some issues if not now in the future.  The software I currently use sometimes depends on what is available on each hosting account but for the most part I find the better hosts provide a nice selection.

So the current types of sites I am building for my link juice networks are:

  • WordPress
  • Jcow
  • Elgg
  • Dolphin
  • Media Wiki
  • Moin Moin
  • Wikka Wiki
  • Tikki Wiki

I am building out my domains using these types of software because it allows me to use my favorite link building software Ultimate Demon to post to each and everyone of these kinds of sites. This simplifies posting by allowing me to schedule all my postings plus the program then keeps track of all the URL’s for me.

Lets talk about where to find the auctions and domains

buy domains at auctionI keep this part as simple as possible, as it can be time consuming at times.

My preferred method is to use a site called Register Compass.  This site builds a list of domains that are up for auction through a few different providers. At times there are 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of domains for sale. Register Compass allows me to narrow down my searches by all kinds of factors such as, Page Rank, Incoming Links, Mozrank, and also niche relevancy and keywords.  It is a monthly fee of $37.00 but I recommend to signup, find the domains you need then unsubscribe if you can not afford paying for more then one month. There is also the choice to signup for a quarterly and yearly subscription for a discount as well. I currently am paying yearly as it saves me 25%.

My second method, which I do not use anymore, but some of you may want to is to use a program called scrapebox. It currently provides an addon that scrapes Godaddy’s domains for sale list. It allows you to search for domain names that have a certain keyword that you provide into the box. After hitting go it will come back with a list of domains that meet your criteria into the harvest box.  After scrapebox returns the list, I will then check to see if the domain has any pagerank and then I will check if it is indexed. After doing those two checks I will do one last check and that is to check to see if the pagerank is fake. You can do this also using scrapebox as again it provides as addon  just for this purpose.

purchase high pr domainsOnce I find a few domains I will login to either my Godaddy account or to my Namejet account and being my bidding. Remember when bidding to always have a maximum amount you will bid in mind because many times the amount that is bid by a competing bidder will be outrageous.

Receiving your New Domain

Once I have received my new domain, which at times can take a week, or so, I like to install and put content on them immediately. If the domain has some content archived in wayback machine I will try to rebuild that but if not I will write something unique to post onto the site. I usually end up doing the first postings manually and then at that time I setup a special login to use for posting with Ultimate Demon and add it to my sites list.

Last but not least

link networksTo help getting going faster building out a link network and to leverage it for more IP and name server diversity there is a great membership at a place called Fight Back NetworkFightBack Network was built just for this reason to help us build links on either high pr sites or from niche relevant sites within unique content that has a contextual link to our money sites.  Using this network along with my own I have found ranking for some difficult keywords to be much easier.  As far as costs go, currently they are offering two memberships and they are $14 a month and $47 a month along with 14 days trials as low as $1.00.  You can learn much more about it here.

Other Link Building Methods for 2013

Download a PDF File of This Tutorial by Sharing Below

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  1. hi,
    just a question if you read me.
    i’m thinking to buy a high Pr site to link to my health site to give some good related link juice. actually im hosting all my domains with hostgator.
    question : when i will buy my PR domain, can i host it also on my hostgator account, and it is fine for you, or do you advice to put it with another host to have different IP cause you said in your post: “The reason for this is because you do not want to link to your money sites from more then one domain on each of your hosting accounts”



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    • Hi Zafu,

      You must put your link juice sites onto other hosting so you get different nameservers and different c-class ips. If you do that you will get the full benefit of the link juice from your high pr domain to your money sites.

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    • is great site ..but outgoing links from comments are tagged Nofollow 🙁 No juice to drink 🙂

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  2. First great thanks for your reply, you know how it works!
    But i was not truly looking for a link even if i think your post and infos are highly helpfull. it will help whenever…

    technicall question: i never bought a pr site to link it to my mane domain, so i need just few explaination the steps i should follow:
    1. should i first buy a new hosting account? can you advice another good host not too expensive ?
    2. when i buy the Pr Domain, then i should host it to my new host ( is every cpanel the same as hostgator as im use to it?): how do i technically host it on my new server?
    3.after the hosting done im planning to add content to that new domain with wordpress. but if the site was not built previously with wp, can i “convert” it to wp. Is that process of converting a not wp site to a wp site, dangerous for the site ?(html, coding…)?

    sorry for all these questions…
    if you can answer one or two that would be great.

    thanks again.

    zafu david

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    • Zafu,

      1. Above in the article I have listed 4 very good hosts to start a link juice network with. These 3 are great places to start since you have hostgator already – Host9, Bluehost, Hostmonster.

      2. Yes you want to host your new PR domain on the new hosting account, and cpanel is the same on other hosts with very minor variances. I try to find hosts with cpanel but not all hosts use it and not all can host wordpress etc on cheap hosting but these I list do.

      3. You can setup the pr domain with whichever software you choose to or hard code it, it makes no difference. Content, just put something unique on it. I have never put content on a domain using way back machine that was previously on the domain. (Remember you bought the domain you did not buy the content so using content from the old site may cause copyright issues for you.)

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      • Thanks a lot Dwight for those very helpfull answers.

        I was thinking creating a kind of “group” with same interest (create good links for there website or clients).
        I mean every people should invest and buy good Pr sites at least pr2, and everyone could share those links, to give good link juice for there main site.

        Question: i know it is better to have a relevant Pr domain liking to your main site to have more credibility.

        But if on my Pr site for exemple about guitars, are put the links of my friends about there site about cars or medecine, would that affect the power of the link, or even can google make a red flag for that?

        most of my domains are disease or symptoms related so high Pr sites about health would be great. Do you know a place where i can find people to buy Pr site in the health niche? and then share or those links.

        If you have health niche sites or friend willing to share there links, maybe we can share our mutual links???

        Thanks again Dwight


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        • David,

          If you are interested in leveraging your PR sites and share links with others, then take a look at The Fightback Network. I use this myself to leverage my domains and share links. For every site you load into the group you are allowed to post articles on other sites that are relevant to your niches and get contextual links in return. If you are just looking for PR links then try automatic For each site you load there and share PR links you will receive points that you can then use to receive high PR links in return. Both have free trials.

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  3. I am a Maine based wedding photographer trying to boost my page rank in a highly saturated market. Is it possible that using a link service can actually hurt your PR or get your domain blacklisted?

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    • When you say boost your page rank are you referring to the number which google assigns as page rank or are you referring to your rankings within a search query on a search engine?

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  4. Hi

    I am finding main pr2 expired domains using If the pr does hold after I install wordpress would they be sufficient to rank low competiton keywords and how many do you reckon I need. Just starting out with first network.

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    • Hi Michael,

      Certainly PR 2 sites built around your niche would work well for helping you to rank low comp keywords. I really have no idea how many one needs though but I suggest to purchase what you can afford in your budget for purchasing and hosting these sites, and add to them over time ( I like to purchase 5 PR domains at a time for each niche ).

      I never have enough sites of my own it seems so I use a couple of services to assist my own network and these are – The Fightback Network and automatic I believe there are free trials for each. By using these networks I reference above you can acquire some PR 3, 4 and 5 links. PR 4 and PR 5 are definitely the power links.

      Good luck with your network….

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  5. Hi,
    i have some questions regarding your post.

    1.Let’s say i buy 5x pr3 domain names, would i have to do research on the anchor texts and write around those anchor texts or can i write about any niche.Wouldnt i lose the pagerank if i write about a different niche then the owner did before dropping the domain name?

    2. Hosting: Is it possible to use 5 high pr domains on one hosting account with 5 addons?I dont think you get 5 different ips and 5 different name servers from addons.
    How about for example if i go with hostgator and order 5 hosting packages instead, will this give me the requirements you mentioned?

    3. If i have 5 money sites and i want 5 links from one high pr site how would the homepage give linkjuice to 5 different sites if i can only have one post on the homepage. Or is this a bad idea?

    Hope to hear from you soon
    thank you for the great post

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    • Hi John,

      1. Changing the topic or adding new topics to your new PR site will not change the PR. PR comes from other sites linking to yours. If you setup a wordpress site on the domain and then set the homepage to show 10 posts you can then write 10 articles with outbound links to 10 different money sites, web 2.0’s or redirects. Some make their first post around the topic that the old site was about and then sticky that, but I personally have not found this to be necessary. For any posts you want to link to a money site, make at least one or two paragraphs within the article about the niche you are linking out to. Google does do a relevance check on what text is near your anchor text.

      2. You can host all your domains from one host if you want but if they all share the same ip or c class range you can only link one of these domains to your money site, then you can use the other 4 to link to web 2.0 posts, articles etc that link back to your money site.

      3. Setup the site so it shows more then one post on the homepage. I set my sites to show from 5 – 12 posts. Keep it random is the best bet. For each post on the homepage insert 1 link to a money site, then one or two other links to authority sites.

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  6. First of all, thank you for the fast reply.
    1.With 10 posts on the homepage you mean 10 posts that are shortened right?If so then the anchor text need to be placed at the beginning of post.
    So i can use different topic on the high pr site, but wouldnt google see this as suspicious because of the anchor texts that link to that high pr site is different then the topic of the high pr site itself.
    2. if i use different host packages on same hosting it will have different ips and servername right?So i can link out to all the money sitesWhat is c class range?


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    • I am thinking that when you say shortened on the homepage you mean for the blog to show excerpts instead of the full post. Either way is ok. Full posts can be shown, it does not effect anything. If you do excerpts, then yes your anchors should be in the first 100 words or so.

      I have always changed the topic of most blogs in my networks to just general topics and still use the general niche blogs in the fightback network as well. Rankings are just fine. If you want to create PR blogs just around your niche, then this is also a good idea but for anyone just starting a network I think its better bang for the buck to make the sites general topics and leverage them with groups like the fightback network and automatic backlinks.

      If you use the same host for each of your domains you could end up with some domains on the same server, on the same ip range and also on the same name servers. If your budget doesnt allow you to buy different hosting packages with different suppliers then you are better off to leverage your sites using another network like the fightback network. c class ips are like this, 255,255,234,111 where the last six numbers change for each site.

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  7. Yes with shortened i mean excerpts.This to prevent from google seeing posts as duplicate.

    Thanks for the questions.
    I have one question though:
    I think i bought a pr4 domain name that was in the deleted domains list. Is there a big difference between deleted and expired domains with regards to creating a private network?Age maybe?Pagerank stays the same?
    So for expired domains you need to pay for backorder and other stuff. I found many expired domains for cheap price (11-15$)but when i hit order i need to pay 15$ or more for renewal fee at godaddy.Is this normal?Is there a way to not pay this fee?

    thank you

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    • Hi John,

      I believe an expired domain is one that goes into holding for 30 or 60 days. The original owner can renew it in that time without any extra fees. A deleted domain is the next step after expiration meaning it was removed forever from someones account and at this time the registrar company, whether it is godaddy, or others can hold it for another short period of time, this is why there is that extra charge to register it. After another length of time if no one registers the domain it is permanently deleted for anyone, anywhere to register on any registrar. If a domain gets to the point of deletion completely it will not retain any age, the age will be zero again. If the domain is re-registered with the same registrar after expiry but not deleted from their sites list then that should keeps it age and PR. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the PR to come back but it does with these registrations. regarding the fees on godaddy yes it is normal, as it is a huge money maker for them. Even if you buy at auction you have to pay the auction price, plus the registration fee, and privatization if you want that. Other registrars that you get auction domains with like network solutions, etc charge very large amounts on domain renewals after buying through auctions. Godaddy is not the worst for this. If you are just registering new domains then try Namecheap, there prices for privatization is great, not like godaddy’s price of 10$ (ouch).

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  8. Is it a bad thing to have a high pr site with no age?Also i registered with fightback network yesterday, well the trial to be more specific but i received an error from jvzoo. The $1 has been deducted from my account and i agreed on the pre-approval payments but havent received any details to login on site.I mailed the owner but yet no response.The days of the trial just add up even if i dont use it.

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    • I don’t think I have ever seen a high pr site with no age unless the domain is under 1 year old, then yes that is possible but if the site is brand new under 3 months, then I have not seen that.

      I wonder how the signup went through jvzoo. The owner left that network and is now using paypal and his own setup. Where did you click from to signup? Sounds like you may have clicked an old link somewhere, or your cache had the old link. Anyways, you should be able to cancel jvzoo through you jvzoo account, and if you contacted the owner he will get back to you. Mike is a good guy.

      PS, I checked the link from my site here and it goes through to the correct webpage to signup. The page shows two prices but if you go and try to close the window it will prompt you for a free subscription.

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  9. Hi,

    Got your point on link networks. I have some questions here. For ex : I have a niche site on insurance which i want to rank high on google. Next i create a network of 4 niche sites on subtopics of insurance (also blogs) across different domain hosts as you suggested. Now how do i interlink here? What would be your strategy?

    Also how should i take care of these 4 niche sites that I am using for linking? How often should i update the contents? Do i need to build links for these sites? If so, how should i go about it?

    Thanks for a wonderful post.


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    • Hi Ross,

      Glad you enjoyed my post.

      Ok when you say interlink, I am thinking you meant how to link out from the niche sites to your money site etc. What you do is write articles on your niche blogs around that is relevant to your money site and include anchors linking to your money site that use the keywords you are trying to rank for. Also include some links to authority sites but only link to them using generic anchors so their ranks do not compete with your rankings.

      To take care of these niche blogs, I build links to them using three methods. I use automatic backlinks to get some PR links, the fightback network and also ultimate demon. I post to them at random times but usually at least once a month.

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  10. Hi Dwight,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. When you say you blog often to your niche blogs, my question is how many posts/articles do we need in each of these niche blogs to make google not consider it as another link farm / link network. Also why can’t we give sitewide links instead of using links inside articles so that we get more links per domain. What’s your opinion?

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    • Well there is no golden rule, but I try to post at least once a month. I sometimes post with no links in the article, sometimes just an image or video, and sometimes links, a video or an image or all. Make it random! Sometimes use anchor text, sometimes just use a naked url.

      Regarding site wide links, sure you will have many links pointing to one url, but google will discount almost all and then it doesnt help your rankings.

      If you want to for randomness then add some site wide links from the blogroll or footer from your sites as well.

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  11. Its a bit of time to build these networks does it not? And money too? How long and how much money do I need for this?

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    • Length of time is not much, you could start today and have a small network going within a week. For money to get going I would budget about $300.00 This should allow you to buy 5 – 8 pr 2 or pr 3 sites and put them on cheap hosting. 5 – 8 sites is perfect for one niche. Then use fightback network and automatic backlinks to help strenghten these sites and also help rank your money site. Then as money comes in you can budget to keep buying more sites and more hosting etc. as needed.

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  12. Great post, I had no idea name server and IP diversity was something to consider. Thanks for the heads up!

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  13. Hi Dwight

    Thanx for all the great info!, I get alot out of reading all the comments and the feedback as well. I am very new to all this and have about 5 struggling sites right now. I grasp the idea of the whole PR network, let me recap then i have a cpl questions.

    – $$$ site$$$$

    -buy @5 Pr 3-5 sites that are expiring

    -put each site on its own hosting account from diff host providers

    -install word press etc

    – look on the way back machine see what the site once was and maybe emulate the same niche ( i guess this would be good to do before you buy the domain so you buy either a generic domain or one that reflects your niche)

    -post at least once with an article related to the sites previous niche or something in general

    -then post an article about your $$site’s niche with anchor text or keyword txt that links back to your money site, place the open url at the end of the article

    -now build links into your pr network from fightback network and automatic backlinks sites

    -in your article linking back to your money site you should have a cpl links going to authority sites? wiki? ie if my money site is for ?? bowel cancer and the article is about treatments for bowel cancer and im trying to rank for nausea vomiting i would use terms like upset stomach or feeling sick? for the links to authority site?

    Now How many articles per site can you point towards your money site? ie Pr network site 1 i post once a month with links to may money site???? or more/less?

    of my 5 pr network sites I will have to write 5 unique posts that link back to the money site and as above how many articles and frequency can i post them

    If i have 5 high pr sites in network and they get decent traffic, do you monitize those sites to make added $$$ if so what is the safest way as not to harm your link farm?

    when you use ultimate demon to post articles ( I think that is what your using it for?) are these generic articles? are they linking anywhere

    how do you use web 2.0 sites to link to your pr network?

    Thanx in advance for your time and experience


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    • Hi Dan,

      Sounds like you are understanding what I wrote about here. Now let me give it a go at your questions.

      “-in your article linking back to your money site you should have a cpl links going to authority sites? wiki? ie if my money site is for ?? bowel cancer and the article is about treatments for bowel cancer and im trying to rank for nausea vomiting i would use terms like upset stomach or feeling sick? for the links to authority site?”

      Yes, link to some authority sites, wikipedia, health sites, etc and use LSI keywords and naked URL’s for the anchors, this way you do not raise their rankings for your money keywords.

      “Now How many articles per site can you point towards your money site? ie Pr network site 1 i post once a month with links to may money site???? or more/less?”

      Be creative – Post different amounts from your PR site to your money sites. You can also link to individual posts as well from the PR sites too. You can also use The Fighback Network to post to your money sites as well along with posting to your posts on your PR networks.

      “of my 5 pr network sites I will have to write 5 unique posts that link back to the money site and as above how many articles and frequency can i post them”

      Frequency is up to you – The more often you can is better I think, and if you write good articles on them and get good backlinks to these articles you will raise the PA/DA of the site and also the Alexa too. The higher the authority of your PR network the higher authority your money sites become, helping them get higher rankings and more traffic. Think of it as an upside down pyramid or a funnel I suppose. The more weight you put on everything coming into your links the more weight is put onto your money site.

      “If i have 5 high pr sites in network and they get decent traffic, do you monitize those sites to make added $$$ if so what is the safest way as not to harm your link farm?”

      Sure – why not? Do not put Adsense, Google Analytics on your PR network. Use something to hide your affiliate links etc so no one can track who owns these sites. So do not put the same ad network or product on each site.

      “when you use ultimate demon to post articles ( I think that is what your using it for?) are these generic articles? are they linking anywhere”

      Sometimes they link places, sometimes t hey have no links. Be random. It is not natural to have the same amount of links, photos etc in each article. Put some nofollow, dofollow links, image links. Be Random!

      how do you use web 2.0 sites to link to your pr network?”

      You can use web20 for links just like you build links on blogs etc. Web 20 accounts are hard to keep if you do not look after them, and post good content and be random with linking.

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  14. Why are you worried about using different software on each site? This seems a bit unnecessary to me because you would have to waste extra time learning the new software for no tangible benefit that I can see.

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    • The first part of your question is answered in the post. I personally do not see learning something as a waste of time. Also when you have an investment that is worth 5 figures in domains you want to protect them and not have them getting deindexed. I am not saying that in today’s internet that if your network is built just using wordpress for example that you are going to be deindexed but at least by varying the software it is another variable that makes your backlinks a bit different. Also software like Ultimate Demon allow me to post to other site types, so I am going to utilize this ability as well.

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  15. Hi

    I have a similar question to the other commenter. Just starting out with first network. I have bought 5 pr2 domains using godaddy and register compass. If the pr holds will pr2 links have enough juice and would 3 such domains be enough to rank a site. Should I have a cluste of 3 sites per money website.

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    • Hi Jason,

      I doubt 3 domains would be enough to rank a site, but you could leverage those 3 sites with the fightback network and build some rankings from that. Make sure to use unique content for your posts and these links from your PR sites will certainly push your money site upwards.

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  16. Awesome thanks Dwight!

    Regarding the hosting for these new domains I hear many people saying steer clear of SEO Hosting as some of those have already been blacklisted by Google and more to follow. Better to just go pay $5 a month or whatever for different Hosts perhaps?

    I guess it’s all about the level of risk you’re willing to take.

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    • Hi Matt,

      Stay far away from SEO Hosting. I believe that by using this kind of hosting you are making it much to easy for Google to find and kill your blog network. Just use cheap hosting, it works great!

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  17. Great post, currently planning to build my own blog network so I can get better rankings. I am looking at both new and aged domains. Would you have a method for finding aged domains?

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  18. What do you think about adding the blog network sites into our webmaster tools account? Good or bad idea?

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    • Ian,

      Don’t do that, please! If you want to lose your total investment that is how to do it fast.

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  19. What if I find a domain name with high PA/DA over 30 on each, but it says -1 on register compass What does that mean? Is it penalized or something?

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    • Lukus,

      There is nothing wrong with the domain, except that the pagerank has disappeared, or it never had any PR. Remeber to check the backlinks out as well to see if the links are spammy or not!

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  20. hi,
    i just bought a Pr 2 site, but it shows a 302 redirect for 2 urls ( all others url tested of the domain are fine)

    i know that with a 301 redirect i should avoid such domains.

    but what about 302? should i avoid such domains even if one of the urls is 302 redirect and all others are fine?

    Thanks a lot


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    • From what I understand about 302’s is that they are temporary redirects, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I do not think that 2 of these types of links would do any harm to your domain.

      Have you setup the domain yet?
      Is it indexed?
      Does it show the PR?

      If it is indexed and showing PR, and Google is indexing your new posts, then that site is working fine, just as it should.

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  21. First thanks for you quick and valuable replies.

    The site shows a Pr2.
    when i bought the domain and typed the domain in google bar to see if it was index, it was sending me to godday auction cause the site was in expiring process, but in web archive the site was relevant to the domain (it is a catholic church domain).
    the trust and citation was close to 20 for both, so i think its a good Pr2 site even with those few 302 urls. do you?

    so you do not advice to go with SEO host? some seo guru advice it…

    Thanks a lot


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    • Yes, I think it sounds like a fine PR site David, and yes I do not advise anyone to use SEO hosting when you are creating such a valuable asset. I once lost 25 sites on SEO hosting in one go, which cost thousands of dollars , and since moving to separate hosting accounts no such events have happened to my domains.

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  22. Hey Dwight, great explanation and thanks for answering all those comments, it helps a lot!

    Quick question, where do you host all your money sites? Can you host them all on one separate account from your PR sites, BUT still have the money sites on the same shared hosting account, or should you also separate your money sites on different hosts from eachother.



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    • Hi Tyler,

      It depends on how many money sites you have, as it is good to spread them around as well. I have a few resellers accounts. Some on hostgator, on bluehost, and a couple of other ones. Its good to have a few places if you have more then one money site in a particular niche. This way you can use the same Blog network sites to link to them and keep IP diversity. If you only have one money site per niche, then you can host multiple sites in one location, but dont get carried away. You could even purchase new baby plan accounts at hostgator for each new domain, that way all your domains for money sites are independant of each other.

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      • Hey Dwight, thanks alot for getting back to me. One quick question which I’m sure you get a lot, but I didn’t see it in the comments so far.

        I’ve started to build up my PR network and have linked to my money site.
        I have 8 sites and have linked from 7 of them over the last 20 days. The PR from the sites is as follows: PR2, PR3, PR3, PR4, PR4, Pr4, PR5.

        I’ve just linked from my strongest PR site today (has the best back link profile).

        I’ve already started to see an increase in traffic, however that can also be related to the niche. This niche tends to get more traffic in November and December. So I’m not sure what the traffic increase is from, but it’s clear I’m getting more longtail searches than normal.

        But since it’s only been a few weeks, and quite recently for my last link, what’s a good general timeframe to compare results and see if my PR domains are working in producing better results for me.

        Should I know after a month if what I’ve done has produced any clear ranking jumps? Or can it take 6 to 8 weeks to even see results? What has been your experience. PS. The site is already established.


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        • Hi again Tyler,

          Well I am hesitant to put a timeframe on something like this. It depends on many factors, much more then just PR as PR has not been updated in such a long time.
          What are the PA and DA of your sites, and what kind of links does your competition have?
          Are you using the same keyword from each network site or are you varying them?
          Do you have a good mixture of other types of links with other anchors?
          Whats the competition like for your keyword?

          Are you tracking when the posts were made against your rankings?
          What was your position when you started compared to now?

          If I was to put a timeframe on it a month or so should be showing some changes as long as the sites have some power.

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          • Hey.

            All the sites have pretty good metrics. PA and DA are right around the 30 range, and Moz Trust is usually 3 or above. Majestic trust and citation flow is above 10. The anchor text links range from url, long tail works and specific keywords.

            It seems like the top spots have 3 or 4 links from PR sites just like these, however their Majestic citation and trust flows are higher.

            I’ve heard that having around 25 PR sites set up and linking should get you on the first page, as long as competition isn’t too too high, and it’s not for this niche.

            These are the first PR links built this way. Most of the other links are just natural, mainly social media links.

            I’ve got another PR site to set up, doesn’t have great metrics, and another one I’ll set up in December.

            I”m hoping by the new year I’ll see better rankings.

            Do you think if I build say 1 new PR site a week, after 3 months I should be getting much better rankings right?

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            • Tyler,

              If you keep building high quality links from high quality content you are going to see your rankings increase for sure. That is links from niche relevant sites, that are seen as authority sites along with your high pr sites that is a ticket for success. Yes you do not need thousands of links like that to rank.

              Let me know how you are progressing over the next few weeks and month.

  23. Thanks Dwight. I’ll check back at the end of the year and update my progress. All the best,


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  24. Dwight, After you spend your time creating your blog network what do you use for content. Are you writing unique content for each post? Are you hiring VA’s or article services to do this for you? Are you spinning content and using that? What do you think about Article Builder for articles for the blog network? Does Kontent Machine Work? Just wondering what is the best way and makes the most sense for long term use of my network.

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  25. Dwight, I purchased several domain sites with high backlinks counts. But I am not sure if I am supposed to add those sites to my google webmaster account and have them verified so the crawlers can search through them or get them indexed. But one of my sites was marked as spam by google webmaster. So i am not sure if i am supposed to be adding all my link juice sites to google webmaster. Thanks

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    • Hi Joe,

      No, we never add our blog network sites to webmaster tools as it defeats the purpose of linking them to our money sites. remember we do not want google to associate these sites with you this is why we go to great lengths making them look different and come from different hosting accounts.

      The site that gave you a warning in your webmaster tools account what did it say? Is it deindexed because they saw it as spam? If so, you can do a reconsideration request, but only after you make the site look very professional with good content and tell them you just bought the domain and had it transferred, then they will reindex the site usually. I have done this a couple of times before when everyone was using auto content, google deindexed a couple of my domains and I got them going again.

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  26. Dwight,

    I’m loving this article! Just what I needed, as I am about to start building a PBN. However wanted to ask what is a good citation and trust flow a site should have, and do you have any recommended plugins for keeping the link juice or just plugins in general for you pbn’s.


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    • Hi John,

      Citation Flow is a number of predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. – Any number over and above 15 would be ok, always try to find higher though if you can.

      Trust Flow is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors. Same here, if you can get any above 15 this is good also but higher is better.

      For plugins to help with pagerank, either use a plugin called redirection and let it run and check it every few days for 404’s, then you can recreate the page that is being the 404 to catch the incoming links, or you can redirect those 404’s to another page.
      link-juice-keeper is another plugin to keep pr, but what it does is redirect all 404’s to the homepage. I recommend building the pages that show up in the redirection plugin rather then redirecting everything to the homepage. You can try both ways if you like to see what works best for you.

      One plugin I always use on my sites is limit login attempts. After putting this onto my sites all hacks stopped which was nice.

      Other plugins, I try not to repeat things over and over again. If I use an SEO plugin like platinum seo on a few sites then I will not use one on some others, and then on some more I would use an SEO plugin again but one from Yoast or something. Just like sometimes I will use a sitemap plugin and other times I won’t.

      Some sites I will try to monetize with different products and others I will not put any.
      Use social buttons on some sites and not on others.

      So I guess what I am saying, is, I rather not recommend a list of plugins for a blog network as someone may just use the same setup for all of their sites and at some point in the future find themselves loosing their network because they made an easy to find footprint. Therefore, keep everything as random as you can, and I mean everything. Okay, I am a bit paranoid on this, but I believe in protecting my investments like my blog networks.

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  27. Hi Dwight, nice post! Had a question. Is it possible to add your private blog network to Ultimate Demon and post content to them. I have been posting manually so far, any advice?

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    • Hi Yenesh,

      Definately you can use Ultimate Demon to post to these sites. I will use the post articles from a folder option in UD to do this if you want to post more then one article. This way I can setup each article with links, videos and images before hand and schedule the posts. I also schedule posting like this when I go away on vacations.

      If you want to just post one article you can still use UD as well but I am not sure if it is any easier then just going into admin and posting.

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  28. Hey Dwight, I had another question so I figured I’d ask it here incase others are wondering the same.

    I found that when I set up a few of my PR sites, I set them up in wordpress as, while in some of the link metric sites the stats look better on the version.

    My understanding is that the site may not show the same Page Rank, however it is still getting the benefits from the sites linking in to it.

    But, do you suggest I go into wordpress and try and set up the site to or does it not matter?


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    • Tyler, I set up the sites to which ever the best or most links point to or whichever has the highest pagerank.(sometimes they have different page ranks) So if they point to the www version of the domain then set it to that, if it is the non www version use that. Once you set it wordpress will automatically do a redirect to the setting you made inside wp admin. If you happen to be doing a static site you can use a redirect in htaccess to accomplish this also.

      Thanks for that question, it is definately relevant.

      Another tip I should add to this post is to see if there are other pages on your domain that had pagerank and recreate them. Sometimes you can find them by doing a site search on google, and sometimes they will show up if you use the redirection plugin on your wordpress sites.

      If you find that the old owner of the domain had pages like pagename.html, or pagename.php etc you can make that setting in your permalinks in wordpress. An example would be %permalink%.html or you could do %category%/%permalink%.html

      Another tip is, to keep my sites looking somewhat different I do make the permalinks different on some sites, and add an extension to the url like html and php.

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      • Hi Dwight,
        Ive been searching high and low on the internet for this answer.
        So when I have extra pages on my site with PR that have a .php extension,
        I can simply go to WordPress make a post , and put in permalink
        the page url with the “.php” extension and it will work?
        I thought WordPress only had a “.html” extensions for its pages.
        So buy changing this through permalinks to “.php”, the post will show up as “.php”?
        This important obviously since the page that had PR was using “.php” extension.

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        • Hi Jing,

          Yes you can put whatever extension you like at the end of your permalinks, but this is for posts only. If you want pages to have an extension you need to install a plugin to do that. I forget the exact plugin name but you can do a plugin search within wordpress for something like php pages and html pages. That should bring up a few results.

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  29. Hi Dwight! I’m not sure how I found this blog, but I had a similar question listed above that you took care of, regarding how long it takes to see a boost in the serps from high pr sites.

    I think it takes ABOUT a month. I only say this because as I’m doing a bunch of stuff for one of my clients…magic submitter and buying high pr sites and linking their money sites, I was also putting links on the sites I bought to my other client’s sites…who is in an extremely NON-competitive niche. I started out with only a couple pr 2’s about a month ago and since then have amped it up to pr 4s and 5s.

    Since starting this process, I have seen three of my second clients sites jump up to the top of the rankings. It has taken about 1 month. I know that it isn’t from my most recent efforts as I haven’t put any other links to client #2’s sites on these links. I haven’t really done anything else with them except build some low level magic submitter links.

    So, I think a combination of these low level links (quantity) and the two higher pr links (quality) has worked MAGIC!

    It’s really cool to try something out, forget that you did it, only to find out a month later that it worked!!

    …so yeah, about a month. 🙂

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    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience with using high pr domains. They are amazingly powerful, and it is not taking as many as it did a couple years ago to rank high. These along with blog posting on authority sites is sometimes all that is needed for some of the less competitive keywords.

      Best wishes

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  30. Hey Dwight, hope you’re doing well, have a few more questions.

    For setting up Google analytics for your money sites, do you have separate accounts for each money site considering you may link to them from the same PR network?

    Also, I picked up some PR sites that are basically in the exact same niche as me. The link metrics are good, but it’s clear that the sites probably got penalized as the anchor text is very heavy on 1 or 2 terms.

    Obviously this site has good link metrics and it’s super relevant, but is it recommended to still get a link from this site considering it was probably penalized for over optimized links.. It’s clear you wouldn’t want to try and rank it, but for getting link juice from it, would it be something you would avoid?

    All the best,


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    • For setting up Google analytics for your money sites, do you have separate accounts for each money site considering you may link to them from the same PR network

      I use different accounts for each money site, if you want a better way then analytics that is safer you can use something like as you want to separate yourself from google as much as you can.

      Also, I picked up some PR sites that are basically in the exact same niche as me. The link metrics are good, but it’s clear that the sites probably got penalized as the anchor text is very heavy on 1 or 2 terms.

      Obviously this site has good link metrics and it’s super relevant, but is it recommended to still get a link from this site considering it was probably penalized for over optimized links.. It’s clear you wouldn’t want to try and rank it, but for getting link juice from it, would it be something you would avoid?

      I would still build links from this site, and also work on getting a bunch of generic anchors and long tails to lesson those over optimized ones. I would think that if you create new content with new urls then everything should be fine. Also you are not trying to rank these sites, you just want the link juice.

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  31. Hi, I bought a domain PR4 and done 301 redirects on my site after 20 days but still there have been no changes to the keywords in the standings. One website is too low?


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    • Hi Fausta,

      Sorry but I am unsure what you meant by “One website is too low?” ?

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      • sorry for mistakes, inted too slow to transfer Juice in to “moneysite”

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  32. First, thanks for this amazing article. Second, I really appreciate that you’ve engaged everyone looking for more information.
    I like the idea of buying old domains with high pr, but I have noticed that I can build an empire with new domains. The only undoing here is that I need more time to grow them, but I ultimately achieve my goals.

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  33. Hi Dwight! Hope you are fine… Building links is really hard task for me. Can you suggest me the easiest way? Secondly I think using dead links in wikipedia can be a good way to build wikipedia link right?

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  34. Your website is really a good. I appreciate this site.

    Thank you

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  35. i currently planning to build my own blog network so i can get better running .
    i am loving both old and new domain.the higher the authority of your PR network the higher authority your money sites become.
    thanks for innovative sharing…

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  38. Interesting post. I could learn a lot from this. I will try my best to implement some of the very important tips and link building.

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  39. Hey Dwight, Tyler here again.

    I’ve been making some nice progress getting my PR network up and running. Just wondering about webmaster tools and your money sites.

    Is it necessary to set up google webmaster tools on your money sites? Is there any advantage to this, along with Google plus accounts link to these money sites?

    THanks for your opinion.

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    • I went back to using webmasters tools and analytics. It is the only way to get the keywords that are driving traffic to a website since google started hiding this information. On money sites it is okay, but I limit how many domains I put into one account just incase something I own gets a penalty. I do not know it google would penalize every domain in an account but I rather be safe. Google plus accounts for your sites helps in the serps I feel as people like seeing a photo beside a description so they tend to click on these first.

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  40. Great post! I learned more about building a link juice network.

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  41. H! dwight

    really amazing article just have one question about quality domain. My question is that what is more important PR or PA or DA i have been reading article on domain quality on many sites people are saying PR doesn’t matter now its only PA & DA with good backlinks which is most important. what you think any quick suggestions on this Thanks !!

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  42. Hi Dwight! Great post! My questions are:
    1.) Is it true that the more outbound links a site has, the lesser weight each one of those have?
    If this is the case, how many links to our money sites should each of our blog network sites have. If you keep adding new posts each month, do you just stop putting links in these new posts to avoid having too many outbound links?

    2.) As you keep adding new posts, do you keep adding them to your homepage thereby having an ever increasing homepage?

    3.) Should lower pr sites have less outbound links?

    4.) You’ve talked alot about PR and that seems to be the metric everyone is putting alot of weight in on choosing their sites but if Google is not updating PR anymore, does that mean only sites that already have a PR assigned to them will ever have PR? Also, what about new sites – if they never get a PR assigned to them, then how are we going to determine which ones are good for our PBN?

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  45. I went back to utilizing webmasters devices and also analytics. It is the only method to obtain the keyword phrases that are driving website traffic to a site considering that google began concealing this details. On money sites it is all right, however I restrict the number of domains I take into one account merely incase something I own obtains a fine. I do unknown it google would certainly penalize every domain name in an account yet I rather be safe. Google plus represent your sites helps in the serps I feel as staff like seeing a picture close to a description so they tend to click on these first.

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