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manage your social media projects with easeThe night of Feb 10, I watched a webinar given by the Blueprint Pro Plus boys, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. It was a very long-winded webinar that I wished would have been over in an hour, not the two and half hours that it did take.  Maybe you were there at your computer as well watching!

The webinar ( -link expires soon) was basically a relaunch of their Blueprint Pro Plus product that they started a couple years back, which cost something around $600 one time, or there was a monthly option as well if I remember correctly.

In their presentation they added a few more things (courses, etc) into the mix to entice new subscribers to signup.  Items such as: Crowd Force (traffic building software), Trustify Trust Seals, Domains on Fire (Locate expiring domains), 38 Premium Themes ($1900 value) ouch (You can purchase 87 Premium WP Themes at Elegant Themes for $39/yr), and others.

The biggest product that watchers of the webinar were probably on the lookout for was a piece of software called Crowd Force. Crowd Force was first heard about when The Trinity Code was released last year so the term has been talked about in the forums like Warrior etc for a while now.

I registered for the presentation because I was looking at it as well just to see what it was all about since hearing Steve Clayton on their Christmas website talk about their new ways to get traffic that doesn’t involve SEO. So, basically I just wanted to know more about what they were doing compared to what I was doing.

And what did I find out?

Well, their ways are not very new to me, but they probably are to newcomers in the internet marketing circle.

I was also hearing that the days are gone where we are able to build links like we used to. We can no longer do keyword research for 3 high traffic keywords with lower competition, throw up a website with a few pages of content built around these 3 keywords and start link building.

This is not true either, as it can still be done and you can still earn some good coin by doing seo and link building. Yet, this is a whole other topic isn’t it?

But is there a better way then the old ways of doing SEO?

Well this is where I became interested in the software Crowd Force as I was already using something very similar called Buzzbundle and like I said above I wanted to find out if CF was any different then Buzzbundle.

Anyways, after sitting around for about 2 hours listening to the spiel of the webinar on the new traffic generation methods the sales pitch started for the new improved Blueprint Pro Plus membership. They started going over what you are going to get when you signup, some of which I have already mentioned earlier some I have not.

The products I mentioned earlier plus a few others were valued at over $6000.00 and Crowd Source alone was valued at $2364.00. That’s right, not $2400, or $2000 but a precise amount of $2364.00. Who would ever pay that for a piece of software like this? Not I!

A bunch of other products were also added into the mix and when their value is included with the others it went up to over $12,000.00. Wow, that’s quite the valuation!

Can you hear the sarcasm in that statement?

I guess for some people this is a great deal. Maybe it is, maybe it is not. I will leave that up to everyone’s own judgment. For me, it just another sales pitch from internet marketers which I have learned to ignore.

Lets move on and get back to Crowd Force.

I was hoping for a good demo of this software in the webinar as it seemed to be one of the highlights of the Blueprint Pro Plus membership, but I was disappointed.

Although Aidan did try to give a bit of a demo, I had a bit of a feeling that it wasn’t really completed yet.  I could see some features such as the way you could organize and filter seemed very good but it looked like they only had a couple modules implemented. Later in the webinar Steve Clayton confirmed this as he stated Twitter was the next module to be fired up. I forget which ones worked, forums was one of the items.

Is this good enough for their members? In my opinion, No! The software is in beta and to me was the flagship to their whole product Blueprint PRO Plus. Too bad!

You Do Have Another Choice in the Matter!

social marketing softwareSo lets stop talking about their software and talk about the software that is ready to be used, does not cost a monthly fee and can find your target audience today.

Buzzbundle in my opinion is worthy to be invested in and is a Crowd Force replacement. Included in it are working modules for Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blog Commenting, Q&A Sites, and Youtube.

Within Buzzbundle you can organize all your projects and create multiple personas for each project for all the social networks etc.

You can also schedule your postings, and distribute them to multiple social networks at once making it seem as if you are online 24/7.

If you need to find conversations to become involved in to promote your products, or websites, buzzbundle can find them for you.

This software allows you to gather your entire brand and keywords mentions in one location and also find all the social links pointing to your websites as well.

You can also be sneaky and watch what your competition is saying and doing online, and you may even be able to get into their conversations.

Could you do that without software like this?

If you could, it sure must be a lot of hard work. I don’t know about you but I love to simplify things, how about you?

To conclude,

Yes, I have not used Crowd Force so I cannot comment on its inner workings and how it functions, but the webinar failed to display anything to me with regards to how or if it does function the way I needed it to.

Another big miss or negative with it is the monthly fee, which is a minimum of $97 per month if you signed up early, if not it will be $147 a month. So for those reasons alone I would shy away from it, until there was a working demo, a video demonstration or something so I could do a in-depth comparison.

The last thing is the purchase price of Buzzbundle is $199.00, with no monthly fees it’s a no brainer winner here.

So why would I want Crowd Force when there is Buzzbundle as a choice?

Get Your Copy of Buzzbundle and start building traffic, not links today.

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  1. This article Crowd Force Alternative, Use Buzzbundle Instead To Traffic Build regarding SEO presents clear thought designed for new SEO viewers that how to do Search engine optimization, so keep it up. Good job

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  2. Hello and thanks for a fair review.
    I was looking into it and they now offer it for $47 with a few modules.
    I was wondering if you have looked at it since your last review and have any added comments.
    In anycase I am now of to look at buzzbundle so thanks again.

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  3. I picked it up for $47 as it seemed amazing considering I was doing this “o manual”. I didn’t know about Buzzbundle and for that I paid the price. The software does work but whatever kind of engine it uses it keeps finding spammy blogs & PBNs which are bad for commenting on. The fact that you have to leave the software to post anything is also a massive negative. Buzzbundle blows crowd force out of the water!

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