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On September 5, 2013
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I have been using Hostgator Hosting for about 7 years now and decided it was time to share my experiences with them and why I do not look elsewhere to host my 22 money sites.

hostgator-hosting-reviewI see a lot of reviews online for different hosting by different providers and today I wanted to share my experiences by reviewing Hostgator hosting.

A good reliable host is vital when doing internet marketing and trying to make money online today. Finding one that works for you is also important to me so I created this review.

I have been using Hostgator as my main host of my money sites since 2006 when I started my first ecommerce site online to make my first bit of money on the internet. At that time I did spend many hours searching for a reliable host that was cost effective and one that I could remain with in the long term.  Well the final result of my searches in 2006 was Hostgator.

When I view my accounts now I am currently using them to host 22 of my money sites that have been running without issues for years now. Setup dates for each of these accounts range from Oct 2006 up to the last site I setup, which is this one on Dec 6, 2012.

I have used other companies to host other money sites over the years and still have couple of different accounts elsewhere just to not put all my eggs into one basket. Some of the other providers I have used can be found on my post about how to build an effective link juice network if you are curious.

Some people may want to use a VPS server for their sites. This is an okay solution if you can afford the fastest and most expensive VPS hosting, but if you can’t, then do not go down this road.  I have tested this option for cheap VPS hosting and for a money site they can not compare to the speed of a shared server which only hampers your search engine results since page load times are ranking factors nowadays.

So if you want a fast host then do not use  cheap VPS servers. You can use cheap VPS servers if you want to run software like Senuke XCR, Ultimate Demon, GSA Search Engine Ranker,  The Best Spinner, Kontent Machine etc. and share them with your virtual assistants then they work well.  I have used Hero Host and Accuwebhosting VPS hosting for my VA’s in the past and they both worked well for this kind of a situation.

Anyways I digress, lets get back to this review of Hostgator! 🙂

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Reasons I stay with Hostgator and recommend their services to you are:


My Support Tickets List
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Support – Anytime I have needed assistance their support staff have been available either through online chat or through the ticking system. My questions were answered in a timely manner and also professionally. Over the last seven years of using Hostgator as my main provider I have only needed support 55 times. That may sound like quite a bit but it averages to less then 8 times a year, less then once a month over 22 sites.

Maybe I am lucky but I believe this one factor in itself shows that this hosting provider is very good.  Why is it so good? Well because it shows to me that support to them is not an afterthought and the result of that is I do not have to spend time trying to resolve hosting problems, which does not take my time away from marketing, which in turn results in more money in the bank account.

Features – Compared to other cpanel hosting providers, the features are not really any different. Some important features that I like to see and something a newbie internet marketer should look for is items that make it as easy as possible to install and setup sites.  If you want to run a blog such as WordPress does the host provide a script to install the software and do they provide options to help your site load fast.  Hostgator provides this! They provide two type of scripts to install WordPress with ease and also provide access to Cloudflare which makes a huge difference in your site load times by allowing every account that you have use their CDN service. I run Cloudflare on all my sites not just because of the increased loading speed of my pages but also because of the extra bit of security it provides as well.

Security and Backup – Like I mentioned above about the CDN service of Cloudflare that provides an extra security measure on your sites by blocking bots and attacks from the bad parts of the internet, Hostgator itself has setup their servers to be very secure. To-date my sites on their servers have not been hacked in anyway. I cannot say this about other hosts I have used. One I use for IP diversity I have to check often because my sites get regularly hacked but they are not money sites, just sites for blog networks so I do not worry too much about those.

I myself do run regular backups of my sites and especially money sites. I am super anal about this one thing and know it is extremely important to do backups. Hostgator does do regular backups, plus it also does a weekly offsite backup of your sites which gives you peace of mind knowing if something does happen to a site and you do not have a recent backup around, that Hostgator has your back and will have one for you.

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Hardware – These large providers of hosting like Hostgator are always upgrading their servers to stay competitive so if you purchase shared hosting with them your site will be put onto good high-speed servers with a fast backbone. A fast server is not good without a large fast connection to the Internet and by buying a Hostgator account you gain access to both.

Sometimes you might experience times where your site speed slows down as it is always possible with any hosting provider to have other users who run resource hog websites. This can and does happen on any shared hosting’s servers, if they say otherwise then they are twisting the truth. It has happened to me on Hostgator and on my other hosts as well. If it does happen the only solution is to contact support about it so they can check it out.  I have done this once or twice, not often for sure, and the response I received back was they were sorry and they found there was a domain being a resource hog and they shut him down which brings us right back around to how good is the support.

Email features – This topic is pretty easy to talk about. The one and only thing that is important here is spam protection. Does the host have it and is it easy to use? Hostgator has great spam protection, which allows you to either leave it at their default settings (just set up your email and go) or you can implement other features and tighten it down extremely tight.

Control panel – I currently have hosting with 6 other hosts and Hostgator and one other provide cpanel. I love cpanel and you will too as it is by far super easy to use without stumbling around trying to find things. Lets say I stumble around on my other hosts setting up mysql databases, trying to setup emails etc. something I do not do on Hostgator is any stumbling around.

Domain registration with new accounts – Here you are not going to find a free domain with signup on your new account.  Other hosting providers use this I feel as a moneymaker for them and not as a money saver or convenience for you. They offer the free domain registration for one year without domain privacy. Domain privacy comes at a extra fee of $9.95 and will always cost you that from year to year, plus the cost of registration so that is an expense of at least $20 per year if you register your domain with the hosting provider. I say DON’T DO THIS.  Go to and register your domain there.  It costs $10.69 for a .com and much less for other TLDs for one year and comes with free privacy on them all for one year. Renewel of the domain each year is the same as the registration for the first year and renewal of the domain privacy is only a bit more then $2. This is much better in two ways and that is you have full control over the domain ownership and also you get domain privacy for almost no extra charges.  Lets say better bang for your bucks, right! Then when you start owning a bunch of domains you begin to spend a lot less on your renewals.  It adds up believe me!

Cost of Hosting – Yes you can probably find cheaper hosting out there that might save you $1 – $ 2 a month but is it worth it?  My opinion is no. People who want to make money online need a very reliable hosting provider that provides great support to everyone at any time of the day and please refer back to my thoughts on support. Support can be a money saver if you sign up with a host that provides it, and if not you will end up pulling all your hair out and spend all your time fixing problems and finally moving your site to another hosting provider like Hostgator.

Refund Policies – Hostgator has a 45 day refund policy if you ever need to use it, which I doubt.  The other common refund policy for other hosting providers is only 30 days.  That extra 15 days of grace may come in handy if you need it, but then again I stand behind my review of Hostgator and say you won’t need to use it.

Lastly – Right now as I write this Hostgator is advertising a 20% discount to new sign ups. Secondly,  If you know you are going to need a hosting provider for the long term, Hostgator also offers a discount to new accounts that select long term options such as the 2 or 3 year terms. The cost goes down dramatically when choosing a yearly or longer.

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If you have any questions about this topic and others please visit my forum and I will be happy to answer them for you.

Also if you purchase a hosting account through my links here I would be happy to help you setup and install your WordPress site with my recommended free plugins which add to the overall security of your blog along with its loading speed. Use the contact form here to contact me with your Name, E-mail and Receipt and I will reply.

“DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for Hostgator. If you purchase hosting through my links I will earn a commission. Click here to view my disclaimer page.

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  1. I have been using HostGator for the last year and have been extremely satisfied. Their support is solid and their prices are great. Three Thumbs up.

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  2. There are some good points here! I have 5 sites so far that are money sites, do you think I should put them all on a shared plan or get the resellers account?

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    • Katerine,

      If you want to keep your cost per month the lowest, you can get the baby plan. It allows you to add unlimited domains to the one cpanel account as addon domains. Managing them this way is not the easiest I find but I do have a few hosting accounts this way.

      If you can afford the higher monthly payment and like easier site management then getting the resellers account lets you install every domain onto its own cpanel. This helps with site management, makes it very easy to sell the site to another person if you want and also lets you get a unique dedicated ip if any of your domains are ecommerce sites.

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