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creating-unique-content-tutorial-2I have learned a new method of creating unique content that you can use to build links directly to your money sites. My method requires the use of two tools that have just recently become available. The first tool is a piece of software called Spinnerchief 3 Ultimate and the second tool is from Jon Leger called Content Ferret. Let me talk about each piece of software before I get into my new method.

TOOL ONE – Spinnerchief 3 Ultimate came out of beta in Feb 2014 and it is a huge upgrade from version 2. The new features that they built in really add to its functionality and put it way ahead of similar tools like The Best Spinner, however SC3 can be compared to Word AI without the monthly fee.

The two new features that I am making use of almost everyday now are the super spin feature and sentence spinning. Superspin can basically take any article and re-write it to where it is readable and unique.

It has a few settings you can change such as;

  1. Do you want the article to be really unique
  2. Do you want the article to be more readable
  3. Do you want a balance between readable and unique (I like this setting)
  4. You can select a thesaurus, Best, Better or Good (I leave it on best)

Then there are some other article uniqueness settings;

  1. Eliminate duplicate synonyms – (Use this if the first settings are not creating a unique article)
  2. Then 3 sentence settings – you can set it to keep a sentence it has trouble spinning or it can delete it as well, and lastly the 3rd setting will do character replacements within the difficult sentence. (Use the 3rd setting with care)

The next settings in superspin are;

  1. Duplicate word amount (I set this to 3 as it helps pass copyscape)
  2. Unique word amount (I set this also to 3)

The last setting is to select if you want the sentences to be spun or not.

source contentTOOL TWO – Content Ferret is the other new product that I have been playing with over the last week or so. Jon Leger, the creator of The Best Spinner, recently released it.

What Content Ferret is, is a new way to do article research without having to do hours of work. We can search our niche from within the membership area for article content otherwise known as snippets that best fit our keyword or keywords. You can begin your search under a main topic, then drill down into lower levels to find very good content that is completely relevant to your needs.

Some niches have thousands upon thousands of keywords and content, and they are adding more all the time.

There is no required copying and pasting of the snippets since all it takes is a click on a link and Content Ferret will save and organize all your selections for you into one location.

Within a few minutes it is possible to gather enough good content to create a new article without ever having to do any searches online.

Once you have gathered all the snippets you think you need, you can then download the snippets for later use or you can also send them over to so the writers there can do a re-write of the content for you.

I don’t know about you, but I used to take quite a bit of time researching and locating good relevant content that I would write my articles around. With Content Ferret, I am now saving many hours of research and using this extra found time to create more content.

To continue forward, let me talk about my content creation method that I recently started doing.

To begin I need to login to my Content Ferret account and start the research for a new article but first let me answer a question you may be asking at this point.

Why do I need Content Ferret and not just a PLR article or scrape one from Ezinearticles or something?

To Download a PDF of this Tutorial and also the Video Please Share Using the Buttons Below

Well, you want unique content and this method really increases the chances of creating highly unique articles that will not be found elsewhere. If you just scrape one article from one source and try to spin it, it is possible that someone else has already done this already thus eliminating any chance of creating unique content.

This is what makes Content Ferret so nice is it does the scraping for us, but it breaks the content up into snippets.

Lets go back into my Content Ferret account and put some snippets together. I am going to go into the Article Marketing Category and click on write articles subcategory. I found 4 really good snippets here, however it is not enough content yet to build an article around so I will try another subcategory.

For the next one I chose, Article Directories and found 3 more great snippets, which gives me a source article of almost 500 words.

Typically I like to have a minimum of 700 words in an article but for this example I stopped at 474.

After clicking on the snippets link Content Ferret allows me to see the content I grabbed and either remove anything I do not like, or I can spin it with its built in spinner (The Best Spinner – Does not Produce a Quality Article), or you can re-write inside of Content Ferret, you can send the content to for a re-write (you need an account with a balance to do this), you can download the snippets to your computer and lastly what I do is just copy the article and paste it into Spinner Chief 3 Ultimate for super spinning.

The settings I am using are in the image below;

spinnerchief 3 ultimate superspin settings

After the superspin is completed I then hit the spin button to output one new article using these settings below;





While in the new spin window I can do a copyscape check for duplicate content and once that is complete I save the article for posting to either my own blog networks, or to The FightBack Networks. (Learn how I use The Fightback Networks to leverage my own Blog Networks)

Then it is just rinse and repeat for your entire tier one links. By using Content Ferret and Spinnerchief 3 the only articles I need to pay someone to write for me are money site articles. Oh, I almost forgot, you can also do batch processing in Spinnerchief when you have more then one article to superspin.

Another use of Content Ferret that just came to mind is for those who need content for advanced article spinning like I do in this tutorial. Assembling quality source articles just became super fast, which then can have the paragraphs, sentences and word and phrases spun for posting with Ultimate Demon and also GSR.

These two new tools are certainly a couple of great new additions to my SEO tools arsenal and I hope this tutorial helps you to be creative in how you go about building new content for your link building.

To Download a PDF of this Tutorial and also the Video Please Share Using the Buttons Below

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  1. Say Dwight,

    I have the best spinner already, do you think I can do the same thing you do here with it instead of spinnerchief? Not sure if I want to purchase another article spinner just yet.


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    • Hey Matt,

      The best spinner is a great tool for manually spinning articles, actually I think it is the best. However, for auto spun content the new spinnerchief 3 ultimate is the smartest article spinner that creates readable unique content with the hit of a button. The only other tool that come close is Word Ai, but you have to pay a monthly fee for it and spinner chief is a one time fee and it is still at a discount.

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  2. Great software, thanks for the introduction, loving it!

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  3. SpinnerChief 4 is the latest version, it is more powerful and unique, also cheaper with this coupon now: whb30off

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