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content-creation-using-kontent-machineCreate Unique Readable Content Using Kontent Machine That Gets Indexed

I have been using Kontent Machine (Get a 22% Discount for almost one year now to create spun content for Google Search Engine Ranker (GSR) and to also create content that is over 95% unique for posting on The Fightback Network with some great success.

Today I want to show you how I have been creating the 95% unique content for creating contextual backlinks to link back to my money sites, web 2.0 sites and redirects when using the fight back network.

This content passes a check within FBN (Fightback Network) for uniqueness and also a manual review before the articles are posted onto any of the sites. To date I have not had any of the posts disallowed or sent back for revisions. Read how I leverage my blog networks using The Fightback Networks Here.

Also the other day I checked the indexing status of about 65 posts I made over the last few months to just one of my sites and they were 99% indexed in Google.  In GSR I have not been having much success but I am testing some new methods and it involves not using word and phrase spun content when using Kontent Machine. When I create my own spun articles using sentences, words and phrases and limit the use they are still being indexed fine. (Read more about these spinning techniques here)

The Steps Used To Create The Content

(30 Minute Video at the bottom of this post) You can also view my Kontent Machine 3 Review & Tutorial.

campaign settingsStep 1 – Launch Kontent Machine and create a new campaign. Name the campaign appropriately using the niche or keywords being used and I also like to add an abbreviation as well such as FBN so I know this content is being use to post to that network.  Ex. Payday Loans – FBN

Step 2 -Add one or more keywords as well into the campaign settings. I try to use at least two but sometimes KM cannot return enough content for one of the keywords. (I have not experienced this as being a common issue though). *Of course do not use keywords that are from different niches, use a tool like Google’s keyword tool or Scrapebox to find relevant keywords that fit around your main niche keyword such as – Main Keyword Payday Loans, Secondary Keyword  – Payday Loans Online.

Step 3 – Link Settings – My preferred setting here is two contextual links and sometimes three with the link format of HTML.  I do not use just one because I like to add authority links within the articles which I feel helps in a few ways.  One it can add to the relevance of the article and second it also helps the owners of the sites within the network by disguising the sites so they aren’t so easily found to be link networks.  By doing this as a safety step on my own Blog network I have not lost any site to deindexing. Before taking this approach I lost 25 high pr domains worth a whole bunch of money, which were PR 5, PR 4 etc. Of course you may not get the whole benefit of the link juice from just one article but at least your chances of it remaining online and indexed certainly is worth it.

Step 4 – Contextual Links – Here we have a couple of tabs if we set our link settings to two or we may have 3 tabs if we set the link settings to three. In our example we set the link settings to two contextual links so we have two tabs. The first tab is named Main Keyword and the other is named Second Keyword. Within each tab we have two boxes that we must utilize. The first being our URLS and the second box is for keywords.  When I am within the Main keyword tab I want to paste my money site url’s into the URL set 1 box and my keywords that I want to use as anchors into the box named keyword-set 1 box. You can use just one or a few of your urls and keywords if you desire.  You can also insert keywords such as your domain name, or generic keywords too but generally I use other programs like Ultimate Demon to build generic and other types of backlinks other then contextual. After adding your own keywords and money site url’s you should click on the Second Keyword tab and enter some authority site url’s and secondary keywords that are not your money site keywords into the appropriate boxes.

scraper optionsStep 5 – Scraper Option Settings – We want to set scraper settings here as well as our spinning options as well. In the scraper settings tab there are a few settings, they are to use or not to use proxies, how kontent machine should scrape for content selection, word spinning setting API setting selection, about me tweaks, proxy list box and settings. For scraping I am setup to use 20 proxies from but if you are not going to be scraping content often then this is probably not a necessary expense. I set the scraper threads to 20(you may have to play with this setting for best results yourself) and timeout to 3000 ms. The next box for when there is not enough content I set KM to use the broad match keyword which so far returns great results.  The next setting if word spinning and I set this to The Best Spinner as I own this software, if you do not own one of the ones in the list just set it to the Kontent Machine spinner. (Later on in our output settings we are going to tell KM not to spin words and phrases though). Next setting is the about me tweaks, this I just leave it as is.  Proxies is the next box, so if you have a set of proxies you can paste them into the box in this format if they are password protected like mine are. (IPAdress:Port:Username:Password).  The other proxy settings for checking and timeout I leave at the default settings. The second tab within scraper options can now be clicked and this is where you enter your license information for the spinner you own if you have one. Currently KM offers six options. I use The Best Spinner’s API and set the thesaurus to Best and word amount 2.

Download The Video PDF File and Sample Files by Sharing this Article Below

output optionsStep 6 – Output Options – Within output options we have three tabs that we have to setup the options we want. The tabs are named Content Tweaks, Media Tweaks and Additional Tweaks. We will only be working within the first two tabs for this project. Content Tweaks we need to set these options. Article Output – Article spinning setting is set to none. Select the random paragraph button and set the random paragraphs to between 5 and 7. Paragraph spacing is then set to <br><br> from the dropdown selections. Bookmark output settings just leave as default. The paragraph mixer set to the maximum randomization level of 10. For the sentence mixer select the use sentence spinning instead of paragraph mix option and then set the sentences per paragraph from 3 to 6 and randomization again to 10. For character spinning options just leave as default and then go to the media tweaks tab.  For media tweaks make sure nothing is selected because when we want media within our content in the fightback network we have to use the FBN software to add media such as images and videos. If you are using this content you are generating for other networks then maybe you can utilize these settings within this tab to auto generate image and video links into your articles.  *Use caution when having software add scraped images though as you could run into copyright problems somewhere down the road. Personally I only insert images that I own the copyright to, into any of the posting I do online. We can now close the Output Options settings by hitting the Apply button and move on to generating our content.

Step 7 – Generate Content – Now after we have entered all the above information that was required we can now generate some content for our articles. We do this by clicking the Generate Kontent icon at the top. After doing so KM with go and start scraping and inform you when it is complete. KM may by chance not find enough content for one of your keywords and ask you what to do, just tell it to only scrape for the one keyword then.

sentence spun article previewStep 8 – Exporting the Generated Content – We are now able to export the content that Kontent Machine has generated for our niche and we do so by clicking the Export icon. After clicking the icon a file builder settings box opens and there are a few things we must now complete before we hit the Export button. The first thing we need to do is setup a template to output our content  in the right format for posting to the network of our choice. In this example we are setting it so we can output individual articles for FBN. So now we need to create a template for FBN so we hit New to do this and after a box opens called KM Article Template Builder. So here we must add some KM tags in this order with a return between each. 1. Click Title button on the right to add #KM Title-Clean#. 2. Hit return. 3. Click Article Body to add #KM ArtBody-Clean#. 4. Hit return. 5. Click the Tags button to add #KM TAGS-Clean#. Other settings – Make sure to deselect the all articles to one file selector and then select the custom Paragraph Separator and enter <br><br>. For file name just select .txt and for KM-Token select Unspun from the dropdown menu. Now Save your template and Name it.  Back with the Article file builder select your new template from the dropdown menu. After selecting the template we can click the Change Export Options button only if you want to edit those settings we made in the 6th step otherwise there is no need to click it. For file settings I like to set the filename to Campaign + Title + Link format – No. For how many articles I want output I set to 25 or 30 which gives me enough articles to schedule them to post over a month. Once we have set all these settings we can now press the Export button. KM will create the articles, put them into a folder for your campaign automatically and when it is all complete will open a popup window with a link to open the folder so you can view the articles.

Content Creation Complete

If you would like to check the uniqueness of the articles by doing a comparison within The Best Spinner I just copy the spun article from the body section of the article tab on the main campaign tab and paste it into TBS. After doing that I go to publish in TBS and hit the comparison button and do a comparison of 25 or 30 articles. The usual percentage it comes back with is often 98% to 100% unique which is amazing in my opinion.  Kontent Machine does a whole lot more as well. It can add your own content to the scraped content, within the article where you choose to add it, whether you want it at the beginning middle or end. It can add media and also you can use your own custom tags so you can use it for outputting to Ultimate Demon and Senuke Xcr as well. This software is immensely powerful and is also regularly updated. You may also like to read about other seo tools I use here.

Resources within this article

Kontent Machine 7 Day Free Trial – Get a 22% Discount – $29 a month instead of $37

The Fighback Network – Free Trial

The Best Spinner – 7 Day Trial


Googles Keyword Tool

Google Search Engine Ranker (GSR) Free Trial


Download The Video PDF File and Sample Files by Sharing this Article Below

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  1. Kontent machine rocks, I used to use other settings but yours blows mine away. Read on other forums that KM crashes and has problems with TBS API have you ever had these issues? So far I have not!

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  2. Great setup Dwight! When I am ready to try KM out on my new sites I will be sure to go through your link, Dwight. It is a pain to write all the content for a back linking campaign, so this will be worth while.

    Post a Reply
  3. Thank you for all the information and tutorials you post, they really extremely helpful.
    I do have two questions. Can kontent machine generate work in another language?

    Post a Reply
  4. Heard that Kontent Machine is coming out soon, have you had any peaks at it yet? Wondering what the improvements are going to be!


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  5. I’m trying this tool for 2day now and it really does great job on creating contents for backlinking purposes! I doubt if anyone will be using the content generated from this great tool for his/her own moneysite but it will easily give you pretty unique and keyword related contents with a push of a button. I am still trying to figure out which tools of this kinda job that I will choose to buy, but this looks like the winner and the most advanced tool right now for this moment.

    Post a Reply
  6. Say Dwight,

    Do you have any opinion on these other content creation software that are similar to Kontent machine? I have seen these two mentioned in a few locations

    • SEO Content Machine
    • content foundry

    Love your KM tutorial btw!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Greg,

      Yeah, there are quite a few different content creation software out there and I believe they all have their pluses and minuses, even Kontent Machine could do better in how I can add my links to articles. Having said that I feel if you are using one and are happy using it, getting results, then do not change and spend unnecessary money trying new tools, and time learning them. If you own none at this time, I am still recommending KM, as I have very happy in my results and the tool overall. Keep an eye out for Kontent Machine 3 coming soon.

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    • Hi Greg.

      Personally I like to stick with a piece of software once I buy it and it works for what I need. Having said that I have looked at content foundry and have also heard good things about it, but I really love KM so I will stay with it. SEO content machine requested me to test their product but due to my busy schedule I have not had any time to pursue that. Please post here your thoughts on these tools as I would appreciate it.


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  7. Hello Dwight,

    Excellent job on this tutorial!This is one of the best I’ve seen about Kontent Machine thus far. I have a quick question before I start using this content for my seo campaign.

    Is this type of spun content still effective for tier 1 backlinks after penguin 2.1? I have read several articles about how penguin 2.1 targeted spun content.

    I’m planning on using this content for tier 1 web 2.0 properties.

    Thanks for the help


    Post a Reply
    • Hi Richard,


      This type of spinning is still effective. I have used it on the fightback network and am still using it there. These articles are still indexing perfectly well because they are unique, like 95% or so and almost always read pretty well because you are not spinning words and phrases. Because these articles do not have the words spun and are so unique I have the opinion that Google is not able to see these articles as spun content. I suppose if you post like hundreds of them from one setup in KM they may start to be seen as spun. I am only outputting less then 100 articles from one scrape in Kontent machinem after which I will either do a reload or setup another campaign and re-scrape.

      I am doing some testing using Article Builder, outputting about 20 -40 articles and then spinning those together or mixing them with some scraped content. I will put out a tutorial on this when I get it done.

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  8. Good day. I’ve never heard of Kontent Machine before, and looks like it could help a site rank with providing more content.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

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  9. KM3 looks really great, been following the updates.
    But I did not like that they have a no trial period (not even just 3 days or something), or something similar! Makes me nervous to spend a whack of cash on a product, without having had any chance to play around with it myself.

    Really liking what you have to say on your blog though.

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  10. greetings Dwight?

    I just saw your blog contains machine
    I want to ask you??
    if the machine contains good in the eyes of google and seo??
    I wait for your free time to answer my questions
    thank you very much for the article that you created and success is always with you

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  11. great review. kontent machine is the best software content builder.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Vikas,

      Here is some text directly from the Kontent Machine Website

      You Are 100% Safe

      I am absolutely sure you will love Kontent Machine 3. That’s why I will let you play with it for a whole month and if during that time you decide, for whatever reason, that you don’t need super-fast top-ranking content just shoot me an email and I will return 100% of your investment.


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  12. I think I am going to use the Kontent machine for my website for my content creation. I am sure this will help me ease to my blog posting work.

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  13. is there any discount right now?

    I want to purchase it.

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  14. Kontent machine is good for tier 2 and tier 3, it saves the time, thanks for sharing the content.

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