Kontent Machine 3 Review & Tutorial

kontent machine review and tutorialToday November 4, 2013 there has been a new release of software for creating content for your link building campaigns called Kontent Machine 3.

Kontent Machine  has gone through quite a number of changes over the last year and a bit and this last change is the largest of all of them done previously.

First off they changed the whole interface which looks more refined and is definitely more user friendly as well.

km 3 software home pageA few more of the changes that have really improved this software for content creation is:

  • Campaign settings – One of the new features that pops out right when you open the software is the new Blueprint icon.  Here you can setup Kontent Machine in many various ways without ever losing those settings. So every time you need to use Kontent Machine 3 in a different way you can make a blueprint and load it and then build your new campaign with these settings.  I used to have to tweak the software with different settings every time I needed to make small changes in how I wanted my spinning etc. to be done.
  • They added a quality setting so you can select the type or level of tier your content is being built for. So from a drop down menu you can select tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3+.
    km 3 building tiered projectsWhat each setting does is well described within the software but in general the type and level of spinning on the scraped content gets to be a lower quality of article on each level, starting at the highest level of quality on a tier 1 to the lowest on a tier 3.  You can change the default settings but I see no need to at this time of writing this review.
  • Also they have added the ability to do content curration and co-citations as well as branding by having Kontent Machine input your naked url or branding into the articles automatically.

    km add own content

    Add Your Own Content

  • You can now add your own content into the beginning, middle or end of the articles to make them more unique or just to add your own twist on things.  Again you can input links or whatever you like into this area.
  • Kontent Machine 3 now makes it easier to add authority URLs into the articles by having the ability now to search for these URLs within Kontent Machine when setting up contextual links or other types of links.
  • If you do not have a list of keywords for your anchors, here again Kontent Machine has stepped up and included this function within the software when setting up your links. So no longer do you need to go to any other software like Scrapebox etc. to find keywords.
  • Generic keywords – Once again you do not have to have your own list, as when doing your settings for links Kontent Machine 3 will build a list for you with just a couple of clicks.

    km 3 get authority website urls

    Get URLs from Authority Sites Automatically

  • Link building variations – The guys have added a couple of other awesome new features for building randomness into your link profile and they are, you can now set nofollow and dofollow settings and vary the amount of each.  Also they add the new feature for the ability to link to your sites using images. Your own images or scraped images can be used for this.
  • Another feature they added is the ability to automatically insert your own videos into the articles instead of Kontent Machine 3 scraping videos for insertion. This feature I just love as I had to do this within The Best Spinner and then insert those links into the articles manually for Ultimate Demon to post for me.

Anyways, that is a general summary of the new things I have found in this new version of Kontent Machine. As I find more things out I will certainly revise this article.

km 3 get generic anchor text

Get Generic Anchor Text

Watch my video below as I go through the new software, describe the different areas and also I did a tutorial of a campaign and all the different settings that are available when building out your campaigns.

If you want to read and watch my other Kontent Machine Tutorial you can see it here.

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  1. Very informative review…. Thanks! Still uncertain about using these kinds of tools

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    • Hi Peter,

      If you go to the kontent machine website they have a 7 day free trial. Then you can make a choice!

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  2. Wanted to let you know I purchased the lifetime through your link. Am loving the software and your videos, they show way more detail of the software then any others who are just talking about things and never showing them as it seems they want to get the video done as quickly as possible. I appreciate that someone is taking the time to do more.

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    • Thanks Marnie for the purchase and acknowledgement. Appreciate it very much, if there are any questions you have or have any tips for me please email me, comment or visit my little forum. 🙂


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  3. Hi,

    I have been using the new version of KM3 for two days now and had nothing but bug after bug.

    First off, there is an update loop, you click update it then restarts and tells you to update again.

    They have released a new exe file to try and fix this but it deletes all your saved work…arghhh

    I then had another bug that wont export any of the articles in to the template I choose.

    I than have another bug that causes an exception error when I try to create a custom template.

    Seems the forums are full of people having major bug issues with KM3.

    Is there an alternative?

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    • Hi Lee,

      Sorry to hear you are having issues with the software, have you put in a support ticket with Georgi? Did you use KM2 before?
      I had the update loop, but none others so far. The only other product I know of that provides similar features is called Content Foundry. They have a monthly and a yearly pricing structure. Let me know if you give it a try and your opinion.


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  4. Hey, does it take an hour for you to create an article? It seems sooo slow.

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    • Hi Mike,

      I find its my proxies if Kontent Machine starts slowing down, otherwise its pretty zippy. Are you using proxies and do you test them to make sure they are live? If you are not using proxies maybe your IP is being temporarily blocked which is limiting KM3 scraping.

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  5. Everytime I close the software I have to deal with the update loop. can’t even start the software now.

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    • Hi Brad,

      I had a few issues with KM 3 the first week or so after the release, ever since then though I have not been getting that loop anymore. Are you running the updates as they come out? Contact their support here http://support.kontentmachine.com/ and maybe they can help you out more then I could. You may even have a windows issue, but I do not know that is why you should let Georgi
      Georgiev assist you to solve the problem.

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  6. Hello Dwight, how to buy Kontent Machine 3, and how to use Kontent Machine 3, did not see you say free trial seven days, I Kontent Machine 3 am interested, I hope you can attach importance to my question. Thank you.

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