Add Pictures To Web 2.0 Sites With Ultimate Demon

How to add pictures to web 2.0 sites with ultimate demon?

Recently I was asked this question above from a user of Ultimate Demon wanting to know how they should add images to web 2.0 sites using the software so instead of just answering their question directly to them I decided to make this post.

1. Build A List of Images

First thing you should do is go and build a list of images. There are at least 3 ways I know of to do this and they are:

Kontent Machine – It has a very nice function to add media such as images and videos to your content.

kontent machine image and video insert

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Scrapebox – You can insert your keywords into the program and it has a function that is an addon that will perform a google image search which works very well.

scrapebox image grabber addon


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scrapebox output image urls to a text file


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Manually – You can also do a search on Google using one keyword at a time and set the display to show either 25, 50 or 100 links.  If you are using Firefox there is a plugin called “URL Lister” that will grab each of the URL’s so you can copy and paste them into a text doc for later use.


How to perform your Google Image Search

  • Go to Google Images and enter the keyword you want to search images for.
  • After performing your search go to Search Tools and go to the Any Size drop down and select Exactly and enter the width in pixels of the images. I like something around 400 pixels. After that is done Google will provide to you a whole bunch of images.
  • You must now open each image in a new tab and after you open 10 to 20 for your first keyword you can use the URL lister plugin.
  • Go to Tools in your Firefox menu and select URL Lister and it will open a new window with the list of URLs you are wanting.  Copy these to a text file to use in the img src spin code.
  • I would repeat this process above a few more times to create about 50 image URLs for your Web 2.0 Ultimate Demon Posts.

2. Insert Image URL List into Source Code

After you have built up a nice list of image urls (Grab 50 Urls Minimum) to use you can use this code I created to spin the images and their html here to insert your alt tags, and the image url’s.

image source code for spinning images

spun image code for ultimate demon

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3. Paste Your Source Code Into Ultimate Demon’s Web 2.0 Article Body

Once you have inserted these items into the code just copy and then paste it into your Ultimate Demon content that you are going to post to the web 2.0 sites. Ultimate Demon will then randomly insert an image into your post after spinning the code with a unique set of html that creates a nice post.

insert image source code into post

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source code inserted into post

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output sample of image source code into web 2.0 post

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How An Article with Images looks after being posted

posted image sample

After reading this you may also like to learn how I write content in 2013 or how to use the best spinner to spin articles the right way.


Article Resource Files

Click Here to Download the Image Spintax Code

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