Ultimate Demon Tutorial – How To Achieve Better Success Rates

ultimate-demon-tutorial-better-success-ratesToday a visitor asked in my forum “How to get better success rates when using Ultimate Demon?”  This member also asked me to prepare a tutorial if I had not done so before so this is what I will try to do here for her and others who are having problems using this seo software.

First off I will be more focused on Web 2.0 tasks, as these are where you are most likely putting the most effort into achieving successful posts. Also once you get the settings right for the web 2.0 projects you can apply the techniques to all the others.

Secondly, I would suggest that you watch the training videos by Edwinsoft for Ultimate Demon. If you haven’t watched them before or even if you have, they have done a very good job showing us how to do account creations, performing submissions, creating tasks, adding content (this part has been changed in a recent update), and lastly how to control software speeds and account protection settings. After refreshing your mind with these videos, then continue reading below.


Choosing Which Sites To Post To

A couple things here that I would like to suggest you do before doing any account setups or postings or anything inside Ultimate Demon.

Organize your list of sites into tiers. 

  • I like to setup at least two tiers and this is how I accomplish this.  Go into the sites tab and go through each different list of sites one at a time. I will start with my Web20 sites list by selecting it from the dropdown menu on the left.
  • groups-manager After doing that then click Manage Groups button and a new window will pop open for you.  Here is where we create our tiers for each type of site.
  • We now need to create a group and name it so we must click on the green plus icon on the left under Groups. A new popup window will open.
  • Name your group within the Group Name text area (I named mine “Web2.0 Tier 1”) and then select the type of site from the dropdown menu. I am selecting Web20 and then click OK.
  • You should now see the Type of Site and a Group Name beside it under the Groups column.
  • Select the groups name that you just created and after doing so the column beside the Groups column will be showing as empty.  We now need to add sites to this group.
  • new-group-windowClick the green plus icon that is in the Selected Sites column and another popup window will open. This is where we select our sites and will be selecting our tier 1 sites.
  • Sort the sites list by pagerank from high to low by clicking on the Page Rank column.
  • If your list is large like mine I select the first 30 – 40 sites for my tier 1. If your list is short then just select the sites from PR 9 to PR 3 and see if you have around 30 – 40 sites.  If you do not have 30 – 40 selected then add the PR 2 and PR 1 sites to raise the amount until you have 30 –  40 sites.
  • After selecting the sites we now must click the add button.  We now have our web20 tier 1 sites organized into a group.
  • We can now create our tier 2 group by repeating the steps above and select from our list of sites another 30 – 50 sites that we have not selected for tier 1 to be our tier 2 sites.
  • Repeat the group setups for your tier 1 and tier 2 for Wikis, Articles, Forums, Directories, RSS and Pressrelease sites. Once you are done you are now more organized for building tiered links and a stronger link profile.


Account Creations

This next step is vital in your level of success and has changed dramatically since the introduction of seo tools like Ultimate Demon.

You may be finding if you are using free email accounts like hotmail, yahoo etc. that your account setups are failing dramatically.  You want to know why?  They are failing because site owners like myself are now blocking these free email accounts to lower the rates of SPAM.

My forum here used to be bombarded everyday with accounts signing up using hotmail and I got tired of watching it so I just made it so a new user could do this anymore. This is much easier for administrators then any other methods. So if you want to get started out properly stop using these emails and create your own, on your own domains either using cpanel emails, or registrars like NameCheap have email for domains that you purchase as well so you do not have to host the domain.

If you need to use a free email then at least go and get some gmail emails.  These are somewhat better then the hotmail, outlook and yahoo ones.

TIP – If you are using a cpanel email, don’t use catchalls either. Create a real email, using a real name works best.

After setting up your email then you will want to create your accounts before doing any submissions. So instead of the usual Web 2.0 task setup, just do an account creation for the Web 2.0 sites first.


Download a PDF File of This Tutorial by Sharing Below

Setting Up A Profile

  • add-sites-new-account-profileSelect the sites you want to create accounts on by first hitting the green plus icon and then the select from group radio button. Then select the group of sites from the dropdown menu. Hit select all and then the Add button.
  • Next we need to create an account profile starting by going to the second window pane and hitting the green plus icon there. A new window will open so you can begin the profile setup.
  • Name the Profile – Use something that will be easy to remember here that is relevant to the task being performed along with which domain or niche you are targeting. Doing this right will make it easier for reusing this account for reposting in the future to the same sites over and over again.
  • Using the default Account Details is fine here. Click on each die a few times to randomize things a bit.
  • Enter your cpanel email account by clicking on the mail icon on the right. Make sure to check the configuration settings for your cpanel email within your cpanel account so you know all the settings are correct here. If one thing is wrong then your accounts are going to fail.
  • account-profile-setup-windowSelect a gender the matches the name being used on the email address.
  • Avatars – I like to submit these using Ultimate Demon.  I created two folders on my hard drive, one for male profile photos and one for female profile photos. I select the appropriate folder for the gender that matches the email name. Using photos helps to authenticate a new account. I found my images by scraping Google Images with Scrapebox.
  • Address – Again default settings is okay here as well, but I do suggest to set the country to United States of America for almost all site creations.
  • Author Bio – I believe Ultimate Demon inputs a generic spun one here, but go the extra mile and create your own using your keywords and name. Do not go crazy with the length though. Keep it between 25 – 50 words, leaning to the lesser though.
  • Website Title – Here I spin some names (first and last) along with some generic terms such as (Blog, Webblog, Website, Blog Site etc.) So when it outputs it reads – Jessica’s Webblog, or Jerry Blaine’s Blog so it looks personal rather then commercial.
  • Website URL – Here I like to spin some different domains together with my own. You can either spin all your own domains or you can spin with made up domains, or you can use scraped domains as well.  My preferred method is my own domain along with some madeup domains. Some web20 sites, bookmarking sites etc, only give out a dofollow link from your account profile so getting your domain onto some of these is beneficial. However if you do it too often, then it could raise a red flag and leave you receiving a unnatural link penalty, which none of us wants so using your domain along with others is the best bet, but certainly do put something even if it is not your own.
  • Phone – Use Default
  • Company Name – Spin some different names here, and you can even add n/a to the spin.
  • Job Title – Hit the dice a few times to get something unique or you can enter your own. Do not spin this!
  • Sub Domain – Again this step is of utmost importance, do it wrong and kill your success rates, do it right and start posting. My best suggestion here is not to try to use your keywords within the name at all.  Why? I find the stick rate is much better if I do not attempt this, as most good names are taken and I do not think the SEO value is any higher then what I currently do. So what do I do? I do like I do when creating manual web 2.0 sites and only use random names, both first and last. No numbers added either, just plain old names such as DwightCocran.wordpress.com. I use Scrapebox and let it supply me with a list of first and last names, about 100 and spin them inside The Best Spinner so it looks like this: {dwight|keith|joe|harry}{maddon|assis|roberts|willson}. Of course the spun document is much larger but you get the idea. Do not use uppercase letter either when doing this step.
  • Main Title – I do the same here as Website Title, but you could include your keywords here if you want.  I prefer not to, because again I think it keeps me under the radar and lessons the chance of my blog, web 2.0 site being marked as spam by an administrator or by chance of some random viewer who comes across the site.
  • Sub title – Same here, I like to keep this generic. I put random sayings like, Another rarely updated blog, My Stupendous Thoughts and Opinions. Be creative here and stay below the radar.  Once you spin a good set of these sayings, just reuse them over and over again on new sites.
  • Set the delay on email verifications to at least 3 – 4 hours on up to 24 hours.  You can also go into the mailbox tab a day later and do a manual refresh of the mailbox just to make sure you are getting as many activations as possible before you go onto setting up a new task for posting content.


Setting Up A Web 2.0 Task for Submittal

  • Create a new project or select a project you have already.  I like to sort my projects by using the domain name as my project title.

Submit Web 2.0 Window Pane 1

  • tutorial-site-lists-new-groupSelect your sites. This is where we can select one of the tiers we created earlier, by pressing the green plus icon and then selecting the radio button “Select From Group”.  Then from the dropdown we can select the appropriate group. I will select my tier 1 group. You should now have a list of 30 – 40 sites.
  • Add all the sites by hitting the Select All button on the top right. Do not enter any categories but do go through the list of sites and see which ones require a category and select the appropriate one.  TIP – Most sites do not use categories.
  • You can now click on the Add button on the bottom right to add the sites to your new task.

Submit Web 2.0 Window Pane 2 Select Account Profile

  • Click on the second column so you can select your account profile, which you created before on the account creations above.

Submit Web 2.0 Window Pane 3 Web 2.0 Details

  • web20-detailsEdwin Software has provided a few different options for adding content to Ultimate Demon. Scraping content using Kontent Machine and adding it via Load from txt files is one. Other options are to use a content service like Article Builder, Big Content Search, Wicked Article Creator or its built in scraper.
  • Using services such as these or Kontent Machine on their own for your tier 1 is of course not the best choice since none of the content is unique.
  • For tier 2 using these built in tools can be done but my preferred method for both my tier 1 and 2 for Ultimate Demon sites is to use Kontent Machine but only if you follow my tutorial here.
  • If you want to use your own content and spin it using The Best Spinner or another spinner then doing it the right way is important and I created this tutorial for doing that. My article spinning tutorial is here.
  • For my manual web 2.0 sites I only use content I create myself or have written for me.
  • So after you have sourced your content you need to fill in the appropriate elements.
  • Titles – Spin your titles to include your keywords somewhere within the title. Keep the titles to under 60 characters is best and no more then 70.
  • Body – This is where you paste your spun articles. Some like to use the contextual links tab as well but I insert all the links, images and videos inside of Kontent Machine. Kontent Machine makes this step much simpler then any other I have come across. The time I spent doing this manually before Kontent Machine came along was immense. KM is a tool that pays for itself almost immediately after buying it.
  • Keywords – Enter a list of terms that are relevant to your niche, spinning them is also a good option as well. Again Kontent Machine takes care of this step for you too if you have it.

Submit Web 2.0 Window Pane 4 Project Settings

  • Go to the fourth pane/column and change the task name from New Task to something that is relevant to the job. I like to use things like Domain/Web2.0/Tier1 etc. so I can identify tasks properly.
  • Schedule the task – I like to schedule for later and run my jobs at night, but you can set it however you prefer. My steps are: Select the Schedule for later button. Set the retry to 5 times and to try again after 3 – 4 hours as the site might be down for some unknown reason so it is best not to bombard the site. Verify email I set to 30 minutes here, but since we already created the account it won’t be used. Then I do not select the stop settings and schedule a start date and run it over 3 – 5 days usually while spreading randomly over all hours of the day. Enable account protection, and set the submission speed to either the slowest or second slowest setting. Sites have bot detections so going slowly is going to be the best bet for any submission task. Today speed does not work, unless you want to lower the rank of a site quickly.
  • Lastly before hitting the save button and starting the Ultimate Demon project, I make sure my proxies are selected and if I am going to use captchas that is also set. TIP – If you really want higher successes, then do your captchas manually and forget the captcha services, at least for your tier 1 sites. Now you can hit save and the account creations will run.


Maintaining Your Network of Sites – Final Words of Wisdom! 🙂

  • You do not have to post to these sites often but do post fairly frequently to keep the spiders active.
  • For your first few posts I suggest to not include any linking whatsoever.
  • When linking, link sometimes to your own sites and also link out to authority sites.
  • Also when building links, do not include links to your site within every post that has links.
  • Try formatting differently – Use images sometimes but not always. Make use of videos at times to.  Also try bullet form articles along with standard writing formats. Change the small details and it will help these sites stick for long term usuage.
  • Don’t get too upset if some of these sites get deleted. I just rebuild them as necessary.
  • Remember, go slowly building links. Speed does not work anymore.

Download a PDF File of This Tutorial by Sharing Below


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  1. I understand now, cant wait to see more from you, thanks really looking forward to it ! 🙂

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  2. Hi, just found your website, some really interesting stuff.
    Are you finding after all recent google penguin/panda updates that the success rates are as good?

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  3. I am using the Ultimate Demon Full version, I added around 1000 article lists and when I ran a project I only got 3 successful submissions to my list. I am using death by captcha as my captcha service. Could you please help me to improve these success rates?


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  4. I am using ultimate demon full version and I have added around 1,000+ article directories lists, however when i start the submissions I only just received 5 successful submissions. Any ideas?

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    • Linda,

      Try checking your sites list in Scrapebox to see if the sites are live, then you can also check the errors and see what it says for each site. There are a number of reasons why you can not post. Things such as the site is down because of a hosting issue, maybe the site owner removed the signup page (therefor you must remove this site from your list). Other things maybe, something wrong with category selections, titles of articles, tags is sometimes a big problem. Take the time to go through everything and you will find out why.

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  5. Howdy Dwight, Found some very good tips on this post. Setting up the profile helped and managing groups of sites was even better. Did not know how or if I could do that before today. I think I can understand tiered link building a bit better

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    • Howdy Claudia,

      Thanks for the compliment and am happy to know this article is helping Ultimate demon users learn some new things. There is a lot in this program but it is not so simple to locate sometimes but Edwin software did make some great tutorials for almost everything.

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  6. Just wanted to say thanks for writing these tips. Hard to find these gems.

    Kudos Dude!

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  7. I have something to tell you, after building out my first set of tier one links using SEnukeXCR, I’m ready to start using Ultimate Demon.
    I had it in my mind about picking up a copy, and the ease of adding my scraped targets list is worth it in my book, not to mention the $150/month that stays in my bank account. 🙂
    The best to you Dwight,

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