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guest blogging opportunitiesIf you are into SEO and link building then more then likely you have been reading about guest blogging somewhere along the way.  This year guest blogging/posting has become a very hot topic as many website owners are looking for ways to build credible links to their websites from authority sites in their niches.

Certainly as this method becomes more and more popular google may find ways to devalue these links by looking for the lower quality sites and lesser quality articles.  If you do the work upfront before doing any posting I believe you can stay ahead of this possible crack down from the big G.

What is the biggest challenge to guest blogging?

I think finding the best places to get your guest posts posted is the number one difficulty you may find to do.

There are a few ways we can find new opportunities for our guest posts.

1. You could do a google search and include your keyword/keywords plus the term guest post, guest writing, guest blog, write for us etc.  You will find many sites this way but you will have to contact each one individually or send a generic email to all the sites you find at one time. Then you have to sit back and wait for reply from the site owner. This way works but does take quite a lot of your time. SEO Moz has already written a great article about this and you can find it here.

2. There is a site that has been created to bring together website owners and authors who are looking for guest blogging opportunities and this site is known as  Some of the benefits it offers anyone looking to do guest posting  is it allows you to reach your target audience.  It helps you to build your brand and networks. Plus it allows you to build links to your site from relevant sites.  It really does create a nice symbiotic relationship between guest writers and blog owners who both benefit from the relationship.  So if you need content on your site you can receive it and if you need links you can build them.  Pretty nice I think.  I recommend giving it a try. I also found this nice info graphic today about why MyBlogGuest Rocks and hope you enjoy it as well.

You can visit to learn about it’s features here. This is not the only site like this and here are some others for you.

3. Another method of locating places to guest post is to use a tool from called you guessed it Link Assistant (Free trial). This tool will allow you to setup keywords etc to watch, email templates as well as you’re your contact information. It also allows you to track each email sent, if you received a response and if you have replied. Certainly a simple way to manage all of this under one roof, which made it one of my seo tools for 2013 and onward. 


Content for Guest Blogging

Like all the content you create for linking to your money sites or personal blogs you want to write content that is unique first and foremost. You should learn as much as you can about your target audience, what questions they need answered and what are their needs. If you write enough relevant high quality material you are going to help your branding and also build a name for yourself. Do not make the article lengthy just for the sake of getting so many words onto a page. If you need 400, 500, or 1000 words to answer the questions or get your point out there then just do that, do what is necessary.  Yes most of these sites you want to post on will have guidelines for their posts such as length, but I have not seen anyone requiring you to write a 2000 word essay.

  • So do what is necessary for your audience
  • Write unique content
  • Make your content engaging so people will share it and comment
  • Try to be outside of the box sometimes and maybe a little bit controversial.
  • You can also add humor if it fits in
  • Add a cliffhanger as well – It may get your audience to visit your site

Guest posting is not exactly the same as posting content on your own sites, I kind of separate the two. However I have written a post about how I write content in 2013 that you may also be interested in reading.

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  1. that amazing…
    it helped a lot. Me and my team are looking forward for your new posts!!!!

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    • Thanks Adeel for your comment. Appreciate it!

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  2. Excellent list of web 2.0 sites, though you can add some high PR ones there, a nice way to build backlinks as well as get your news out to the internet, thanks for the share.

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  3. I had a really bad experience with My Blog Guest.

    The site owners kept stealing my articles and removing the links, I would email them and ask them to remove the article or re-insate the links but they usually just claimed that they had bought the blog from the original owner and where not obliged to keep any links live.

    Out of 14 articles I posted all but 4 of them removed the links. Reporting them to MBG didn’t achieve anything either.

    It is quite easy for people to pull of a scam using this system.

    You create a new site, grab hundreds of articles from MBG then wait a few months and remove all the links. you then transfer the domain and claim that you have “sold” the site. Bingo you have got yourself a site with 300 Unique articles all written for you free of charge.

    Most of the time people don’t even bother to check their links to know that they have been removed.

    Apparently this is now happening more and more with sites like MBG. So I avoid them and just seek out your own Guest blogging opportunities using advanced searches on Google or you can find some real gems using Fiverr.

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    • Hi Lee,

      Yes that is a terrible experience and an opportunity for people who like to take advantage of other people. Did you file DMCA request with the site owner, hosting company, google?

      Although I hate to hear of things like this, I am not surprised, since the opportunity to do things like this online is incredibly easy for the lazier, dishonest types.

      I guess having our own blog networks is the still safest way to build authority links. Guest posting always will have the chance of us losing our links, just as any other type of link building on sites we do not own. Luckily it is only one method of building links.

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  4. very informative information here. This is definitely a must see for all seo’ers. GL

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