How to Become A Better Content Writer by Making Use of 10 Writing Tools

best content writing toolsContent writing, which aims at SEO approval and marketing improvements is a strenuous task when compared to ordinary writing where people can pen down their thought irrespective of the category of the reader. The content writing must be productive, coherent, well-organized, keeping in consideration the density of keywords and other standards found on the web. The emphasis laid on the content will make sure website visitors convert into customers, which is the main target. Disregarding the type of content writing, the writer has to adopt all the above without fail and there are many online tools and websites which help for effective writing.

The most impressive tools and websites for unique content writing

Although there are multiple applications for developing writing skills, there are certain excellent one’s which directly improve content writing skills.

The Process of Writing Good Content

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The following is a list of 10 most approached applications that are recognized as being the best in their class.

  1. Keyword Planner – It is needless to say that the content entirely depends on the usage of high density keywords which ought to be added in the article or post written. “Keyword Planner” is a well established tool which provides a wide array of downloadable keywords along with clear mention of the density factor. A content writer can benefit by cleverly mixing different keywords which makes it easily recognizable, furthering the chances of higher page rank.
  2. Blog Topic Generator – Many content writers deem it difficult to write prolonged articles for the same set of keywords, moreover the content might look similar without any added spice or knowledge. This tool will provide most relevant titles for individual or combined keywords, which can be used for creating refreshing content. Furthermore, if the visitor subscribes then he or she will be able to get a lot more creative topics for presenting the desired content.
  3. – The use of a particular keyword many times may lead Google to think the website is encouraging spam. This consequently can become the undoing of the website; therefore a content writer must always look for new words to replace the old ones without losing the conventions and intentions of the article. This tool acts as an ultimate resource for providing synonyms and antonyms for a single word thereby ensuring appropriate word phrasing.
  4. Grammarly – It is inevitable that almost every professional content writer takes the help of “Grammarly” tool which highlights unseen errors that are not displayed through a common word processor. The clear distinction between “what there is” and “what ought to be” will not only make the writer realize his/her mistake but also ensures such mistakes are not repeated. Interestingly, more than 250 types of errors can be fixed by this tool, making even the professionals learn more about the language.
  5. Hemmingway app – The most neglected fact about content writing is the use of short and crisp sentences with exact facts. This application’s main intention is to reduce the hard content to the level of reader. The tool is aware that the reader need not always be of higher education; therefore bringing the content to the level of the reader is of utmost importance. Consequently, through proper understanding and homework a content writer can create 100% user friendly articles using Hemmingway application.
  6. typing photoEssay Mama – Although there are many tools for helping content writers, it is always a question mark as to presenting different types of contents. Essay Mama is a writing assistance agency with highly resourceful writers who give exemplary ideas about writing. Furthermore, they help with all the activities regarding content writing so that a new or an experienced content writer can become benefited. In addition, the blog section enables interaction with skillful enthusiasts who post interesting updates about writing techniques used across the globe.
  7. Cliché Finder – Overworked phrases will create disinterest amongst the readers and the bounce rate will increase rapidly. To avoid such devastating consequences “Cliché Finder” identifies overused words and suggests simpler terms for replacing. This will simplify the content and the readability increases, which are the primary target of any content disregarding the jargon. A content writer must realize that an excellent content is not produced by completing the set word count, but is produced by stuffing different ideas into one space so the visitor would fall in love with the website.
  8. Siteliner – Duplication of content is a hideous crime in online marketing where originality and genuineness work to their full extent. Therefore, it is important for individuals or companies to check if there are any plagiaristic contents on their websites which are unintentionally posted. Unfortunately, such ignorant postings can ruin the authenticity of the website leading to less recognition by search engines. “Siteliner” is the ultimate application to find even microscopic duplication and the writer needs only to type the website he/she is working on.
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    Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

    Content experiments – The main focus of content writing, as mentioned before, is to make visitors convert into subscribers. There are many ways to achieve this and none is better than experimenting about the type of content admired by visitors. “Content Experiments” is Google owned application which provides comprehensive analysis on how a different version of the same content is liked by common people who are unaware of marketing strategies. This is fruitful for content writers for gaining precise knowledge about the pulse of the audience.

  10. Dropbox –Being a content writer is never easy and to store piles of articles in a single storage unit is not possible. “Dropbox” is an application which provides varied features like mobile synchronization, video linking, safe storage provision, etc. Fascinatingly, a mind blowing two gigabytes of information can be stored and accessed from different platforms by using “Dropbox”, that too without having to pay anything for their exceptional service.

Therefore, it is advisable for content writers to be aware of these priceless applications for proper presentation of the content without ever having to produce repulsive stuff.

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