How To Do Superior Article Spinning Using The Best Spinner

How do I spin an article?How to Leverage Your Content by Spinning Your Articles

What this tutorial is going to show you is how I leverage my content for link building? And so can you!

I will be discussing these items in this video and also in my article below:

  • What is article spinning?
  • Why you should spin your articles?
  • How to spin an article to create valuable content that is unique?

What is article spinning?

Article spinning is creating an article with code (known as syntax) that will substitute variations of paragraphs, sentences or synonyms. The result of this spun output will be a different version using the variations to a new document.

So you might ask then….. Why you should spin your articles?

What article spinning if done correctly allows you to do is to create many unique articles from one well-spun article. What is also does is help you to avoid any duplicate content penalties when you are posting articles with your links inside. Let me show you a brief example of spinning. Lets take this sentence – “Recommended Tips for Spinning An Article” First lets spin it on the sentence level.

{ Recommended Tips for Spinning An Article|Recommended Article Spinning Tips|My Article Spinning Recommendations}

Now this has given us three variations of this one sentence. We can now take this a lot further to create many different variations.

Let me show you an example:

{{Recommended|Suggested|Highly Recommended} {Tips For|Strategies For|Methods For|Techniques For} Spinning {An Article|Articles|Content}|{Recommended|Highly Recommended|Beneficial|Excellent} {Article|Content} Spinning {Tips|Suggestions|Guidelines}|{My|My Personal|My Best} {Article|Content} Spinning {Recommendations|Suggestions|Tips|Ideas}}

What I have done is some nested spinning within each variation of the 3 sentences I created earlier. So when it is output it produces sentences like these below:

  • Recommended Methods For Spinning An Article
  • Beneficial Article Spinning Guidelines
  • My Best Content Spinning Tips
  • Recommended Article Spinning Guidelines
  • My Best Content Spinning Recommendations
  • Suggested Strategies For Spinning An Article


Download The PDF, The Spinning Files and The Full Video by Sharing Below

What I have just showed you is sentence spinning and word spinning which are just two of the ways we spin an article but there are a few more. We also have:

  • Phrase spinning • Image and Video Spinning
  • Html spinning (add break rules, bolding and italics, borders etc)
  • Blank paragraph, paragraph spinning
  • And we can also spin our contextual links or add links to images

How to spin an article to create valuable content that is unique?

What I want to show you is how I use a few different tools to create my articles.

What we need to get started is a well-written article that is unique of around 400 – 600 words in length.  For my example I am going to be using a PLR article.

We then need to load this article into our favorite spinning software. I am going to be using The Best Spinner for this tutorial.  I have used Spin Re-writer, and Spinner Chief but after trying them out I went back to using the later.

After loading up our article we are going to get started by spinning each original sentence two more times. This process usually goes fairly quickly.

As soon as you are done spinning each sentence we have to go back through the article and set the best spinner to spin words and phrases. This takes the most time as you have to make sure each word or phrase that you are spinning makes sense in the overall sentence. I can take up to a couple of hours to do this step as it is the most boring part but it is one of the most vital steps also.  Do this step well and nobody will be able to tell when reading one of your output spun articles if it was actually spun using software or not.  The end result of this step is an article that is made up of about 12,000 words and will create a multitude of variations.

Our next step in our spinning sequence is to go back into the article and add some break rules </br> and maybe some other html formatting like bold, italics and h2, h3 and h4 tags. After doing this step we can go get some image and video links (we use Kontent Machine for this step) and spin these using custom html formatting like spinning the borders, and ALT tags as well and then paste them into our article in one or two locations.

Now we are almost there, but have one last step to do and that is adding our contextual links into the spun content. It is best here to add your links with your keywords as anchors and then also scrape some other links from your niche and link out to them as well. It is good to use the keywords you want to rank for when linking to these other sites but also to use other phrases that might be secondary keywords for your niche to link out to these other sites as well.

TIP* for UD Users – Ultimate Demon does have the ability to build contextual links to authority sites using anchors that you have chosen, but I have found an issue when using this and that is Ultimate Demon is not very good at selecting the right location for these links so sometimes the software will insert the code into an ALT tag and other times it may insert the anchor code into your own links so it is best to do this manually while you are spinning each article.

I think that pretty much sums up everything I like to do when spinning an article to be used for link building purposes to Web 2.0 sites, Wiki sites and Article sites in software such as Ultimate Demon and Senuke Xcr. If you would like more details please watch my video about spinning an article the right way below.

In summary I hope you now understand the effectiveness of spinning articles correctly to leverage your back link building opportunities. That you should always take time when using spinning software like The Best Spinner and not just push a button for auto spinning. Also to always try to include other relevant links within your articles as well as videos and images.  One last thing is to try to think outside of the box as there are many ways to spin effectively that add uniqueness while creating readable content that someone might spend the time to read and even bring traffic and higher rankings.

Download The Full PDF, my Video and All The Article Resources Below

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Please ask your questions, post your comments and any feedback below. All queries etc. will be responded to by me as they are very important.

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  1. Wow, I was having so much trouble using the best spinner until I saw how to use the super spinner here. Wonderful tutorial, will you be doing anymore? Maybe can you show how you scrape URL’s and keywords in scrape box?

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  2. Yeah, I am getting a few requests for some scrapebox tutorials. I will get some done. Also working on a case study on using fightback networks to achieve some rankings on a site of mine that I haven’t done anything with for awhile to see if it can rank again.

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  3. Hello, your article on spinning content helped me out alot.

    I was just wondering, do you know of any wordpress plugin(s) that would allow me to schedule spins for text, links, pics and videos?

    For reasons I can’t explain, this type of plugin is really hard to come by.

    I mean, I use a plugin called Content Vortex, then they discontinued their plugin.

    Then I purchased another plugin called Wp AutoSpin from , but it didn’t work & customer support is out to lunch.

    So, if you know of any plugin that can spin all content on auto-pilot, any info you have to offer would really help me out. Thanks.

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  4. Really enjoyed the video, Dwight! I am already experienced with article spinning but you did show some advanced techniques I have yet to use – like spinning images. Thanks!

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  5. Congratulations on another superb tutorial. I learned a lot more than I expected to, I have some great ideas to go deeper and deeper within each spin and include all sorts after watching this.

    How many articles can you produce from one well written 600 word article? how many links can you create from that same article & how many stick etc with this approach?

    Post a Reply
    • You should easily be able to post 150+ articles from one good spin. I think if you go over 200 the uniqueness is going to go way down making it hard to get them indexed. I would worry more about getting a lesser amount indexed rather then how many you can post. If you want to post 500, then I am sure most will never get indexed so why waste the time, and money on doing so.

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  6. This tutorial is so helpful it is sick! Awesome work and once again thanks for the excellent content!

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  7. I just want to say I am newbie to blogging and really liked your blog site. You actually have some remarkable articles and reviews. Cheers

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  8. This post was very helpful and displays a very good level of thinking and analysis.

    What is the plugin you are using to share content? That is pretty cool!

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  9. Thank you for article

    Post a Reply
  10. I keep trying to find VA’s on oDesk to spin for me, but keep getting crappy results so I want to try using your tutorial to train a VA. Hope that is not an issue?


    Post a Reply
    • No Worries Sara, glad you think the tutorial can help to train your virtual assistants

      Post a Reply
  11. Quick question bud, going over this spinning tutorial and was wondering if this is still ok and if you are doing articles this way still?


    Post a Reply
    • Hey Josh,

      Thanks for the question…. The answer is yes I am still spinning this way, and sometimes I will add even more sentences then the recommended 3 if I really want to increase the amount of articles I can out put. Been trying something new as well and I am adding a few paragraphs to these spun articles from Article Builder to the best spinner, hit the remove original word button, then I paste this content into my own articles and am getting a very very high percentage of uniqueness. This is even working on Kontent Machine 3 add own content section to get past copyscape.

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  12. I am looking to buy either The Best Spinner or Spin Re-Writer. I watched your article spinning tutorial and I can not make a decision.

    Your advice is highly appreciated.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Shonda,

      Having used both, I still prefer the best spinner. I like that it is local on my computer and I do not need to login to a website to use it like Spin Re-Writer. The best spinner is a once a year payment, spin -rewriter is a monthly payment.

      If you are looking for a one click solution for spinning, for me this does not exist, well certainly if you want to create more then one copy.

      Both programs can produce a fairly readable spin if you just want to spin one article and output one copy. Other then that you are going to have to do manual spinning. This is where the best spinner 3 is way ahead. Manual spins are much easier with it, and again the desktop app is so much easier to use then a web app for manually spinning articles.

      I haven’t tried Word Ai yet, but I have heard it is okay for one spin of one article.

      I am hoping Jon Ledger does more updates with the best spinner 3 to work more like Word Ai in that way. He did update it recently to spin sentences around, and this new function is working very well IMO.

      Let me know what you do.


      Post a Reply
  13. Love the share Dwight!
    What if someone like myself wants to outsource this process instead of myself using the best spinner to do it? Do you happen to know of any place that does at least sentence, & phrase spinning? With high quality?
    Then adding my own images/videos/bulletins should´t be too much trouble using my copy of the best spinner.
    Any thoughts?


    Post a Reply
    • Gregory,

      The best thing you can do if you want to use a VA is to put up an add on oDesk or others similar to that and interview quite a few. I doubt you will find anyone who does exactly what you want so you will have to train them. You are welcome to use my video for this if needed. ONce you have someone trained, keep them busy so no one else can use them and try to keep a couple others on your short list or train a couple just to protect yourself in the future.

      Best of luck

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  14. Hello Dwight, I have been contemplating between the Best Spinner and Chimp Rewriter. Would you have any recommendations between which of these two is better?

    Apparently chimp rewriter has a rewritting function which the Best Spinner does not have.

    Post a Reply
    • Hey Leo,

      You know I have no experience with Chimp Rewriter, but did pop by their website to see they have a free trial. If I have some spare time I will take a boo. Until then I can not recommend one over the other. If you get a chance to compare the two let me know your thoughts. TBS has a trial for $7 or something, too bad it wasn’t free like chimp rewriter but it is probably worth your time to compare the two. Seems the competition for spinning is heating up, which is nice to see so these guys are forced into improving each of the softwares.

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  15. Say, Can you answer something for me?

    When I input my spintax formatted article into Ultimate Demon’s Body area for web 2.0, wiki, article site link types, do I need to use a different spun article for each of these link types?

    Post a Reply
  16. is it good to spin articles for own blogs?

    Post a Reply
  17. Hi Ashu,

    When you say your own blogs, I am not completely sure what blogs you mean so I am going to think you mean a money site. Therefore below is my answer:

    You can certainly take a previously used high quality article and use spinning software to re-write the article manually, making it 100% unique and posting that to your website. You should not spin using the auto option as you are going to get garbage.

    I also like to use the spinning software to go through and find appropriate synonyms and different phrases that usually I do not think of which can help make my articles read better.

    Post a Reply
  18. Dwight,

    Thank you very much for this video, it was helpful. I wanted to know how long the whole spinning process actually took you? The video is about 57 minutes but there were times you paused it to rewrite.

    I maintain quite a few sites for clients and need to figure out if I can do the manual spinning myself or train a local employee to do it. Do you have any idea how long the process actually takes you per 600+ word article, or so?

    Thanks in advance.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Nandi,

      Thanks for letting me know that the video provided value for you. Regarding how long it takes to spin a 600 word article, it can take up to a couple of hours. The time is worth it when you can output 100 or more articles that are niche relevant, read okay and are about 90% unique so they index with ease. Much cheaper then 100 articles right?

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  19. Article spinning has a bad name, but it’s pretty much an essential part of any SEO campaign these days. The only problem is it really is a very tedious and time consuming job. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but it took me most of the day to spin one 500 word article!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Sean,

      Yes you are completely correct….. Article spinning has a really bad name but it works well when done correctly and makes your money go a lot further. I can not imagine having to spend $5 – $8 for every article I use for an individual niche.

      regarding the length of time it takes to spin – it really depends on how fast you can write, or rewrite new sentences. The word and phrases you can fly through pretty quick if you use keystrokes instead of using a mouse. After you have done a number of these you can get through them in an hour or two at most.

      My suggestion is, when or if you can afford it is to hire this out. I still do a number of my own to this day but do have a couple of outsourcers who do this also.

      If you just want an individual article I am using spinnerchief III. With its new update I can bundle some of my old articles that are not spun and run it through the ulimate spinner batch and have a ton of new articles that read pretty well and are either 100% unique or around 90%. Check out my post on how I use spinner chief 3 and content ferret, it will show you how easy it is to spin an individual article using the new spinnerchief.

      Post a Reply
      • Spinner Chief looks good and I like the fact you can get it for a one-time payment. Everyone goes on about TBS but I can’t say I was all that impressed with it. I think I might ditch TBS and get Spinner Chief. I can then use the monthly subscription I spent on TBS for Content Ferret instead.

        Post a Reply
        • Hey Sean,

          I am like you, I really hate monthly fees or any fees other then one time payments since too many monthly fees can eat away at the finances pretty fast.

          I have been really happy with using spinnerchief III it is a big leap ahead of the best spinner now. Makes me wonder if Jon Leger will do anything more with it as he seems to be focused on his link building business and article services.

          Gives us an update when you can.

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  20. Hi

    I have read that Google penalize strongly websites that spin articles !
    So how come people still propose those software ?
    How can you explain this ?

    Thank you

    Post a Reply
    • Hi daniella,

      The software is just a tool…. If you use the tool correctly you can benefit, however if you are lazy and use it to create garbage content then yes you can be penalized. If you spin articles then you must do it so you create readable unique content. This can be done but you have to take the time to do it right as my tutorial shows. Having said that, most people do not take any time because it takes time and WORK!

      So just like anything that uses tools to get the job done, whether it be carpentry or SEO, having the best tools are only as good as the person using them.

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  21. I have to say the Best Spinner is by far the best spinning program I’ve ever used.
    It has so many great features that I just haven’t found elsewhere. I particularly like the ‘auto rewrite’ feature – it’s saved me days of writing copy!

    Post a Reply
  22. Till now I use The Best Spinner…

    I use spun article for my blog, It’s no problem as long as the content is readable. and I edit manually lil bit with my ideas

    Post a Reply
    • As a SEOer, i need to write many articles about 50 everyday. I tried to use Google translator to translate over and over, i tried to rewrite articles by myself. But it takes too much time to do this, and low efficiency. Finally i worked out this way with SpinnerChief, really helpful. I want to share big coupon here:whb30off.

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