Threat Detection, Prevention and Remediation Three essential security elements. One trusted platform.

Industry-leading endpoint security and management, purpose-built for Apple.

Flexibility + security minus the complexity.

Behavioral analytics to monitor for suspicious behaviors and detect malicious threats – regardless of where they’re located.

Each analytic maps to the MITRE ATT&CK framework: the global malware prevention gold standard.

Using only minimal resources to keep your endpoints secure, Jamf's powerful threat remediation and mobile threat defense solutions:

  • Perform efficiently and integrate with Apple privacy and security frameworks
  • Minimize risk across your entire Apple fleet
  • Maintain the full Apple experience users have come to expect without compromising security, privacy or performance

Always monitoring. Always ready.

Detection with Jamf provides:

  • Constant monitoring and remediation to stop threats before they can grow

  • Real-time alerts of attacks or suspicious activity

  • Granular reporting that provides on-device and in-network visibility while supporting investigations and incident response

  • Custom analytics that offer protection scoped exactly how you need it

  • Consistent updates against the latest threats from our Jamf Threat Labs

  • Visibility into the kinds of sophisticated mobile exploits that Apple’s Lockdown mode aims to prevent

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How to Establish a Threat Hunting Team in Your Organization

Are you thinking about threat hunting but don’t know where to start?


Mobile Threat Defense for Beginners

Apple builds one of the strongest out-of-the-box secure platforms on the market, and as Apple devices and fleets increase within enterprises and organizations so do threats that target Apple devices and operating systems. Arm yourself with Jamf.

Threat prevention designed for macOS and iOS.

Jamf protects against Apple-specific threats and delivers:

  • Protection from known ransomware, trojans and potentially unwanted programs

  • Real-time blocking of zero-day phishing attacks and malicious domains

  • App access control and prevention of unwanted app executions

  • Advanced machine learning technology and threat intelligence engine that identifies unknown threats and prevents them with MI:RIAM

  • Policy-based regulatory compliance that encrypts online traffic and protects against personal data phishing while safeguarding end-user privacy

Endpoint remediation — anytime, anywhere.

Remediate Apple-targeted threats with Jamf’s:

  • Continuous visibility into device health status with active monitoring and unified log forwarding

  • Automated incident response workflows through integration to quickly address security incidents

  • Customizable end-user experiences with tailored dialogs and workflows to educate users

  • Seamless data exchanges and capability extension with your existing stack through Jamf API

  • Ability to align organizational policies with CIS Benchmarks and strengthen device security posture

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The Guide to Successful macOS Security Incident Response

Learn how macOS security incident response should position IT and Infosec teams to prepare, analyze, and respond to the attacks and issues aimed at your Mac fleet.


Advanced Guide to Incident Response and Remediation

Guide to successfully preparing incident response and remediation procedures.