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What is Jamf Threat Labs?

We help Jamf customers identify and remediate security risks.

Jamf Threat Labs is comprised of experienced threat researchers, cybersecurity experts and data scientists, with skills that span penetration testing, network monitoring, malware research and app risk assessment primarily focused on Apple and mobile ecosystems.

Our team’s job is to continually hunt for vulnerabilities, threats and data exposures — we have uncovered a number of high-profile and novel security events including thousands of previously unknown and undiscovered threats — by leveraging MI:RIAM, our machine intelligence engine, primarily to build up the security capabilities of Jamf products.

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Person standing on frozen ice lake that is cracking beneath their feet

Jamf Threat Labs discovers CVE-2023-27930, dubbed ColdInvite

Learn about the discovery of a novel threat vector on iPhone that allows attackers to circumvent security mitigations by exploiting under-protected co-processors, leveraging access to further compromise the iOS kernel.

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cyber breaches

actually originate with authorized users accessing unauthorized systems.

of all data breaches

involve stolen or weak passwords

*As of December 31, 2022

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