People working on MacBooks

Simplify Apple management and security.

Jamf solutions make it possible.

Establish Trusted Access for every user and device.

Enterprise-secure solutions with consumer-simple workflows to manage and secure devices and users. Whether you need a specific workflow or the full power of Trusted Access, you’ve come to the right place.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Deploy devices to any employee, anywhere.

Integrate Jamf with Apple deployment programs — Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager — to automate enrollment and configuration for a scalable, zero-touch experience with each shrink-wrapped box, personalized for each user.

With managed zero-touch deployment program solutions, users have the same technology experience with a company device that they have on their personal Apple devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Jamf provides what you need to manage settings and configurations at scale and streamline secure device deployments that simplify the user experience.

But that’s just the start. See how Jamf helps organizations manage Apple hardware from shrink wrap to end-of-life.

App Management

Secure workflows for managing all applications in your environment and a streamlined user experience.

Unlock the power of apps for your users and any device. Deploy apps, run install and patch workflows, and have the flexibility to upgrade systems and apps when you’re ready. With Jamf, you can choose your own app management path, create and maintain custom titles for your organization, and simplify the management task as well as the end-user experience.

Inventory Management

Using Jamf for your Apple inventory software solution means you can automatically collect user hardware, software and device security data or customize inventory specifications.

With smart targeting and app reporting, not only can you automate and customize management tasks or updates to specific individuals or groups of users, you can view, report on and ensure actions are taken to enforce user and device compliance.

Self Service

Empower users with instant resource access…

…and reap the benefits:

  • Reduced common IT tickets

  • Productive end users

  • Curated settings and apps

  • Alerts to users for updates and required actions

  • A custom, branded portal

Experience the efficiency of Jamf’s Self Service catalog, which eliminates many routine IT tasks while keeping users connected and productive.