Visibility and Compliance Validate endpoint status while maintaining compliance.

Eliminate the guesswork; ensure your entire fleet is compliant.
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Knowledge equals power in security and compliance.

With Jamf, not only can you monitor endpoints in real time and obtain insight into critical user, network and system processes, you can also:

Jamf solutions play nice with Apple.

Using Jamf for visibility into Apple endpoints delivers:

  • Deep integration with Apple's Endpoint Security API provides maximum visibility

  • Rich security controls without impacting performance or the end-user experience

  • Customized analytics to automate data gathering and analysis, helping meet organizational requirements

  • Seamless integration with first- and third-party solutions to expand functionality

Validate security baselines on day one and every day thereafter.

Using Jamf for managing compliance delivers:

  • Alignment with device-hardening framework from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171 and DISA STIG guidelines

  • Active endpoint monitoring to flag any deviations to macOS hardening baselines

  • Education support, guiding end users to security training, guidelines or company policies when alerts are triggered

  • Customizable, policy-based targeting groups to easily audit endpoints and remain compliant


Compliance Management for Beginners

Start assessing your compliance needs with our beginner's guide to compliance management.


Advanced Guide to Incident Response and Remediation

Guide to successfully preparing incident response and remediation procedures.

Detailed reporting leads to actionable data.

Using Jamf for telemetry delivers:

  • Alerts to IT and security teams, informing them of device changes in real time

  • Unified Log Forwarding, streaming activity data to Jamf or your SIEM solution

  • Active monitoring in real time, effectively minimizing the time from threat detection to remediation

  • Curated audit data with the capability to mitigate the risk of non-compliance

Increased visibility offers insights.

Support teams see all aspects of device security at all times.

Visibility with Jamf solutions and products, like Jamf Protect, provides organizations with:

  • Granular insights and real-time alerting into Apple device health and activities

  • Automated data gathering of files, configuration settings, or logs from a device — regardless of device location

  • Unprecedented integration with modern EDR/XDR solutions through powerful API access

  • Extended visibility into actions taken by Gatekeeper, File Quarantine, XProtect and MRT due to Apple’s layered approach to security