Content Filtering and Safe Internet Ensure that personal data stays safe.

Privacy-focused content filtering controls what content is accessed on managed devices.

The internet: Now safe for all users.

Jamf Protect and Jamf Safe Internet power cloud-based controls that manage internet security without compromising end-user privacy.

See how your organization can:

  • Minimize risk and liabilities that stem from inappropriate content on institutionally-owned devices

  • Limit access to inappropriate content types

  • Uphold the privacy of your end users by ensuring their personal data is never inspected

  • Automate, enforce and manage content filtering policies that align with acceptable use policies (AUP)

  • Integrate with other solutions to seamlessly extend management and security capabilities


Content Filtering Essentials for K-12

The internet should be where students learn confidently: growing and exploring where their curiosity takes them. Learn about the importance of a complete content filtering solution for protecting your student's learning experience.


Data Policy and Management for Beginners

Data policy and management with Jamf means greater customization and control for organizations without sacrificing end users' needs and experience. See how.

Freedom to work anywhere. No limitations.

Using Jamf for enterprise filtering delivers:

  • Fully customizable, context-aware and policy-based management for different devices

  • Advanced security-focused controls that eliminate shadow IT and block risky content

  • Real-time analytics and granular reporting to reduce non-compliant data use

  • Support for any device, running any modern OS and any ownership model


Worker Safety 101: Keeping employees and organizations safe with technology

What's worker safety and why is it important? Learn what you can do to keep employees, devices and company data safe with technology.


How to Empower a Remote Workforce

Download our e-book now to put workflows in place to keep employees safe and productive no matter where they are.

Student internet safety. Graduated.

Using Jamf for education filtering delivers:

  • Protection from harmful, inappropriate or non-productive content

  • Digital safety: preventing access to unsafe content while minimizing cyberattacks

  • Comprehensive filtering optimized for education while preserving the user experience

  • Purpose-built network threat protection engine and granular reporting that help IT understand and adjust the effects of proactive measures


Cyber Essentials in Education

Learn how changes in education have affected cybersecurity threats and the ten basic security controls that EDU should be implementing.


K-12 Security Essentials for Beginners

In this e-book, we address the unique cybersecurity threats that impact K-12 education and highlight why it is so critical to proactively address them. Download your copy.