Amazon Cloud Powering the Jamf experience.

For everyone — IT admins, security professionals, executives and end users.

AWS and Jamf…

the perfect pairing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure — like file storage in Amazon S3 to the flexible power of Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) — provides a seamless experience for all who rely on Jamf.

AWS services power your Apple Enterprise Management experience across the entire Jamf portfolio of products, ensuring a high level of product availability, and quick and convenient software distribution to all of your endpoints — creating the perfect environment to spin up for managing your virtual macOS environments.

Jamf’s AWS Verified Access integration

AWS Verified Access integration uses Jamf Trust to ensure that only compliant macOS devices can connect to AWS. This means devices must meet a set of criteria before end users can access internal organizational resources that are hosted on AWS.

Cloud MDM.

AWS makes it possible.

Jamf Cloud is cloud-hosted mobile device management (MDM). Powered by AWS services, Jamf Cloud takes the work of managing your infrastructure, securing your data and so much more.

No matter which Jamf product you have — Jamf Pro, Jamf Now, Jamf School, Jamf Connect, or Jamf Protect — AWS integrations power the Jamf Cloud, support your organization and elevate the user experience.


Migrating to Jamf Cloud – the not-so-scary reality

Product Documentation

Cloud Services: Next Steps

A Jamf Migration Specialist is ready to help you begin the process of migrating to the Jamf Cloud.

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