Jamf and Google A partnership so strong, you won’t even need to — what’s the word? Oh yeah… Google it.

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Jamf deploys Google software on Apple hardware to unite these two ecosystems harmoniously.

Google is a household name for its plethora of consumer products. Search, email and browser offerings have made the Google platform ubiquitous throughout the internet. But often unseen by most consumers is how Google's platform powers infrastructure for schools and enterprises.

Google Workspace, Google Identity and Google Chrome are pillars of productivity and security for organizations worldwide.

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Chrome Deployment and Management

Whether your workforce is on Mac or mobile devices, a secure and customized browsing experience is made possible with Jamf and Google Chrome.

The browser used by two billion internet users worldwide pairs well with Jamf and Apple. Jamf helps ensure users on Mac, iPad and iPhone have access to an enterprise-managed browser that satisfies users and CISOs alike. Manage settings from within Jamf or seamlessly enroll browsers in Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

Jamf Pro and Jamf School connect with Google Cloud Identity.

Jamf Connect and Google Cloud Identity

Give admins the peace of mind that their hardware and user information are secure — while providing a simplified setup experience for users on the first day of work of school.

Jamf Connect powers Mac account provisioning and authentication with Google Cloud, which allows IT admins to easily set up and manage local Mac accounts and require users to authenticate with their G-Suite credentials. See how Jamf Connect secures and empowers users.

Jamf Pro links to Google Cloud Identity

Integrating Jamf Pro or Jamf School and Google Cloud Identity

As more organizations migrate from legacy on-premises directories, Google Cloud Identity customers have access to Google Secure LDAP.

When configured with Jamf, this service allows for authentication during device enrollment, syncing of user information with each managed device, and the ability to leverage this information for scoping.

Jamf Pro and Google Cloud Beyond Corp connected

BeyondCorp Enterprise Context-Aware Access

This integration between Jamf Pro and Google Cloud BeyondCorp Enterprise allows admins to build a compliance and security framework using contextual attributes such as identity and device information— rather than a network perimeter.

By sharing compliance status from Jamf Pro into context-aware access policies, Google determines if users are authorized to access corporate resources and SaaS applications.

Jamf is the first and only UEM provider to offer BeyondCorp across all managed Apple devices.

Google and Apple: enhancing education.

Many schools rely on Google services to power the student learning experience. When paired with Apple, these services are not only supported, but enhanced – high-quality apps and books, powerful teacher and parent workflows, and a delightful user experience contributes to better communication, collaboration and creativity.

Watch Google + iPad = Education Game Changer to learn how to improve the student experience. You'll see:

  • Benefits of using Google Classroom on iPad
  • How to blend the best of Google and Apple for better communication, collaboration and creativity
  • Easy management workflows to empower IT, teachers and parents

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