We Empower Student Success Manage and secure Apple in education.

Powerful, intuitive tools that serve all students.

Jamf helps schools deliver a secure, active learning environment to everyone with iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices.
Two children sitting on the floor of a library, leaning against the bookshelves. Both are looking at iPads.

Apple in K-12 education

Apple's unmatched educational apps and services offer personalization for each student.

Due to Apple's lower long-term cost of ownership with higher resale value when compared with others, schools around the world are now offering iPad devices to students.

Case Study

Ylitornion Yhteiskoulun Lukio School


5 Apple Features to Drive Education

Learn what's new for Apple in education and discover how to take full advantage with mobile device management (MDM).

Simplify IT workflows with Apple School Manager and Jamf.

Jamf integrates seamlessly with Apple School Manager, enabling fast and efficient remote device deployment.

Our integration offers:

  • SIS integration to populate Apple Classroom and Schoolwork automatically
  • Device setup to enforce passcodes, configure email, install and hide apps and more
  • Shared iPad capabilities that offer a personalized experience on a shared device
  • Classroom management with easy-to-use teacher tools that facilitate focused learning

White Paper

The ABCs of Apple Classroom Management

This paper lays out the apps and tools teachers have at their disposal to confidently deliver the best learning experience possible.


Education Technology Management for Beginners

Become an expert in mobile device management (MDM) and see how you can get the most out of your education technology.

Student plays a piano and uses an iPad managed by Jamf during music lesson.

Digital security to protect schools, teachers and students.

Rigorous school security

Increased cyber threats can disrupt learning and inflict costly security breaches in schools.

Jamf's identity and access management includes simple user provisioning from a cloud identity provider and encrypted connections. This allows for a safe single sign-in for all apps, access and materials.

Our endpoint protection, purpose-built for Mac and iOS, keeps users and data secure with behavioral analytics and real-time alerts that allow for proactive action and swift remediation.

And our content filtering offers a vast database, flexibility to include Google Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Modes, and absolutely unshakable privacy protections for staff, parents and students.

Enhance engagement between teachers, students and parents.

Manage classrooms and lessons and increase student focus.

Use Jamf Teacher to:

  • Prepare and share lessons
  • Manage access
  • Send messages
  • Safelist apps
  • Create attention screen
  • Start an ad-hoc classroom session
Two college students sitting outside on a patio. One has a MacBook in his lap, while the other is working on an iPad.

Apple and Jamf in higher education

We've got college covered.

As students prepare for their careers, it’s more important than ever to arm them with the tools they’ll need to succeed. And more often, that’s Apple. With Jamf, you can secure and manage all aspects of the Apple ecosystem for student and faculty devices. From a single department to an entire university system, Jamf has what universities need.

Provision faculty devices, save money and save IT time with Jamf.

  • Education industry workflow apps
  • Automated device deployment
  • Automated application patching
  • Personalized app catalog
  • Behavior-based security
  • Hands-on training resources


Total Cost of Ownership: Apple versus Non-Apple Technology

Is Apple or non-Apple education technology more affordable for schools? Apple, and here's why.


Apple Educational Technology Essentials for Higher Education

As institutions are increasingly looking to be data-driven decision makers, we want to provide educational technology essentials your institution can leverage to create the best ecosystem for all of your users — from faculty and staff to students and IT administrators.

Google + Jamf = one winning combination.

Harness the power of Apple and Google in your school.

Google services power collaboration and productivity for schools across the world. Google paired with iPad or Chromebooks in the classroom offer high-quality apps and books, powerful workflows and a delightful user experience.

With Jamf, you can easily combine the best devices for education with the best Google collaboration tools.

Learn how to:

  • Integrate Chromebooks, Google and Apple
  • Successfully co-manage each ecosystem

Don’t forget about Microsoft.

Numerous schools and institutions continue to use Microsoft tools and services to elevate their educational experience. But what if it could be further enhanced? By uniting with Apple, these tools go beyond merely being supported. Top-tier apps and books, effective teacher and parent workflows and an engaging user experience all come together to foster better communication, collaboration and creativity.

Jamf partners make a powerful combination.

It takes a whole community to educate our future leaders.

That’s why Jamf has partnered with organizations that share our vision for engaging students everywhere.

From powerful collaboration tools to unified admin dashboards; we have new ways for teachers, students and parents to get the most out of school.

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Empower teachers to connect with students in meaningful ways that make the most of iPad.

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Jamf School and Explain Everything

With Jamf and Explain Everything, students and teachers can seamlessly work together from the safety of home.